10% more cutting force

Published 7/3 at 16:33

LaBounty, a brand of Stanley Infrastructure, has recently launched a new generation of mobile scrap shears. These feature a robust upgrade to the piercing tip, an advanced telematics platform, providing10% more cutting force and come with a three year warranty.

The new shear tip increases productivity and uptime by maximising the utility of wear parts by making it indexable, and increases protection thanks to a fully enclosed, double sided design. This added protection will dramatically decrease routine maintenance, build up and hard surfacing. 

The next generation of shear will also feature Stanley Infrastructure’s advanced telematics, InSite™. With the addition of InSite, operational efficiency and uptime of attachments can now be tracked and monitored at the attachment level. The new InSite utilisation tracker will help LaBounty mobile shear customers better understand how their equipment is being used by tracking idling, cutting, sorting and moving times. In addition to utilisation tracking, InSite delivers real time shear data to mobile devices to help customers monitor attachment hours, cycles, location and health.

A new MSD platform now features a 10% increased cutting force at the jaw apex. In addition to the machine uptime savings, advanced monitoring, and increased cutting force, most LaBounty mobile shears will receive a three year warranty and protection plan as standard. The end result of extensive customer research the recently introduced upgrades have been designed to help increase uptime and drive higher productivity.  “At LaBounty, we’ve been very focused on decreasing the routine maintenance of mobile shears and leveraging technology to increase uptime,” says Michael Moriarty, group product manager at Stanley Infrastructure.

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