75kW diamond saw from Adamas races through asphalt

Published 18/12, 2014

The Dutch company A. van der Jagt has a 45 year track record in demolition, concrete cutting and drilling. It specializes in non-standard projects involving asphalt and concrete cutting with time restrictions.

In order to offer one of its clients the shortest cutting time for deep cutting in concrete and asphalt and to keep their operators happy with machine handling during night and weekend shifts, the company bought a new Lissmac Unicut 500 diesel ride-on floor saw with a 75kW engine.
Benelux diamond tool producer Adamas supplied the floor saw and designed a new range of saw blades with patterned diamond segments to achieve the optimum cutting production. The asphalt saw blades were used on a project involving 6km of cutting at a depth of 250mm.
The project, which was completed on time and within budget, was done using a team of two floor saws. The first cut was done with the new Lissmac Unicut 500 floor saw cutting up to 150mm deep and followed by a Cedima 45kW floor saw cutting the last 100mm.

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