A line of new products from JCB

Published 17/4, 2018 at 11:53

On the 12 and 13 March, the English manufacturer JCB arranged a pan-European press event at its headquarters in Rocester. Hundreds of journalists gathered to find out about the company’s latest news.

JCB impressed both with its product news and its production facilities. No less than 40 new products and product updates were announced, with elements of the new ranges to be exhibited at Intermat in Paris.


JCB's new X Series of excavators

The big news announced at the event was JCB's new series of excavators termed the X series. First in the X series is the 21t JCB 210X and 22t JCB 220X. These will also be launched in a ‘Nordic Edition’, which features 360° lighting with 14 LED lights, LED lights in the service hatches, built in diesel pump, ‘Advance Tool Select’, back and side camera SMT and a ‘Grammer Super de Lux’ chair. The price of the machine starts at approximately €184k.

JCB states that the X series is its best range since it began to manufacture excavators in the 1960s, having many interesting features. These include unique hydraulics that ensures that the excavator is ‘smooth’ and easy to work with. The cabin has been optimally and ergonomically designed, is spacious, quiet and provides good visibility for the operator. The X series will be examined in closer detail by PDi as the first model has been sold to a Swedish contractor.


First electric digger

Though the X series was the biggest news, a lot of other interesting developments were shown. The second development announced was that JCB has launched its first electric fully powered mini excavator, the JCB 19C-I E-TEC. This enables contractors to work completely indoors, underground, or in urban areas of a sensitive nature (such as near hospitals). The machine is powered by three lithium-ion batteries that provide 312Ah (15kW) capacity. The machine can be fully charged in only 2.5h, and is five times quieter than a traditional diesel powered machine.


Five new scissor lifts from JCB

PDi is of course concerned with the machine rental industry, and JCB's new series of lithium-powered scissors lifts were thus of major interest. A total of five new models for working heights ranging from 6.6m to 10.1m were announced, adding to the range of nine models which was introduced last autumn. The lithium-ion operation means that operating time can be increased by up to 40% with a corresponding 50% reduction in charging time. The Dutch rental company, Hoogwerk, has already placed an order for 420 new scissor lifts.


Other news

At Intermat, JCB Power Systems will launch JCB's contribution to the new Stage V engine. The division will also introduce three new generators powered by JCB’s new 6 cylinder Stage IIIA diesel engine. A new mini excavator, JCB 15C-I, the smallest in the series, will also be introduced, as well as a new dump truck series consisting of models ranging from 1 to 9t, with a unique design providing extra visibility even if the dump truck is fully loaded. 

A new variant of JCB’s Teleskid range, 3TS-8T, will be launched with it, as the name suggests, being equipped with a telescopic boom. This is capable of loading up to 4.1m, with a range of up to 2.25m. JCB's range of compact tyre skid steers has also been expanded with seven new models being added.   

This, by all accounts, just scratches the surface of new developments from JCB. We will be covering these developments in future editions of the magazine. 

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