A-Lock systems from Wimmer

Published 29/3, 2016 at 16:07

Wimmer Hartstahl, a family-run company from Austria, has been manufacturing quick couplers and excavator attachments since 1984. One of its most popular mechanical models is A-Lock whose main advantages are simplicity, reliability and universality.

Intended for excavators without hydraulic circuits in the boom, it features a simple locking mechanism and a safeguard system for the locking bolt.  Thanks to the fact that no parts jut out sideways, it is particularly handy with narrow buckets. The hydraulic version of A-Lock from Wimmer is called A-Lock Oilmatic. It takes just two steps to fit the attachment. Once the attachment has been locked in place, the hydraulic coupling mechanism becomes operational. A built-in sensor prevents the hydraulic connectors from being extended into position if an attempt is made to connect any attachments not fitted with the Oilmatic technology. The central position of the coupling mechanism serves to protect the coupler against any mechanical damage or foul play.


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