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Published 17/4, 2018 at 15:40

There’s not much contractors can do to accelerate the transition from winter to spring; that’s Mother Nature’s job. But thanks to breakers, they can do something about turning old concrete into rubble for disposal, recycling, and other uses, regardless of what the calendar says.

Likewise, breaker manufacturers know that even the best products can always be enhanced or adapted to meet new needs, or integrate new technologies. 


News from Arden Equipment 

Arden Equipment has announced the launch of three new breakers: the AB082, which can fit excavators up to 2t; the AB5052 for excavators from 45t to 80t, and the AB 6052 for excavators from 60t to 100t. As with all its breakers, the new breakers have been designed to meet all challenges on large and small jobsites. The valve system directly integrates within a soundproof abrasion resistant steel container, allows greater efficiency. This cost effective maintenance system makes it possible to change the hammer points faster, thereby improving performance on jobsites.

Arden has also stated that it has improved its range of couplers to increase safety. The UA 72H (36t to 53t) offers a patented, ISO 13031 compliant mechanical safety ratchet system to prevent accidental unlocking, with a new series of 2t to 36t couplers (UA13 to UA63) also improving safety. In addition to the cylinder and the safety valve, this new series brings two compression springs and an axle locking pallet located at the front hooks for double security. The new UA72H and UA 3 couplers are still equipped with V shaped hooks allowing them to be operated on buckets with different pin sizes.

Arden has also introduced the Arden Tilt, which allows tilting of tools up to 180°. It is compatible with the Quick Arden coupler (QA) and the Uni Arden coupler (UA). The rotating system is a simple mechanism made of a central shaft and a ring shaped piston, with the technology using moving splines, making it possible to convert the movement of the piston into a rotational movement that allows the shaft to tilt.


Caterpillar’s new B4, B4s, B6 and B6s hammers 

Cat® B series hydraulic hammers, available in both silenced and non-silenced versions, are designed for ‘plug and play’ operation with a range of compact equipment, whilst also delivering optimum life cycle value. The new hammers are suited for skid steer loaders, multi terrain loaders, compact track loaders, 3t to 8t mini hydraulic excavators, and backhoe loaders. They are designed to work in a range of construction and light demolition applications, including site prep, landscaping, masonry, and concrete breaking. 

The B series hammers use a simple, reliable, industry standard modular design, with two moving parts in the piston and valve, ensuring reliability, versatility, ease of use and maintenance. Flat top mounting enables a compact working envelope and compatibility, with a full complement of brackets to suit preference of coupler, linkage kinematics, or machine size. As a package solution, matching Caterpillar designed hydraulic kits are also offered, providing customers with a breaker package with superior design and benefits.

Bushings are field replaceable, and the lower bushing can be rotated 90o for improved wear performance. Housings are designed to facilitate common maintenance items, with grease fitting and gas pressure check points being easily accessible, even when the hammer is mounted on the machine. Tool types for the new hammers include moil, cone, parallel and transverse chisel, and blunt, allowing the hammer to be adapted to an extensive range of applications. 


Epiroc SB hydraulic breakers 

feature industry first integrated water port 

Epiroc’s premium SB series hydraulic breaker attachments are at present the industries only breakers to come standard with an internal water port for dust suppression; a feature that can assist in compliance with new silica rule dust regulations in North America.  With an integrated water channel, operators can spray water at the source of dust creation in order to keep dust levels down. This improves the working environment, enhances visibility, and prevents dust from seeping into the bushings. 

Designed for 0.7t to 24t carriers, SB series breakers combine efficiency and performance with high durability in a compact design. The range includes models to match any micro or mini excavator, backhoe, skid steer loader or demolition robot, with service weights ranging from 54kg for the SB 52, to just over 1t for the SB 1102. The use of Epiroc’s energy recovery technology enables the SB series to absorb recoil energy, thereby mitigating anvil effect and increasing overall performance. The result is higher impact rate from the same hydraulic input with less vibration, with the slim, compact design making SB breakers easier to handle whilst improving operator visibility. 

All SB breakers come prepared for compressed air supplies with no modification or additional installations being required. The multifunctional port design assures trouble free easy service operation, with quick access. Side positioned ports reduce risk to hoses and provide easy access for connecting compressor, water connection or ContiLube™ II micro lubrication supply lines, or for monitoring operating pressure. 

The SB ‘solid body’ concept utilises a patented internal, integrated component design integrating the impact mechanism and the guide system into a single piece. This eliminates the weakest components of traditional breakers: damping and guiding elements, tie rods, parting lines and stud bolts.  The accumulator is cast into the body, further reducing the number of breaker parts, overall weight and maintenance. 

Other standard features of the SB breakers include integrated pressure relief valve for overload protection, ‘AutoStart’, air inlet for underwater applications, oil drainage plug, dust wiper, slip fit bushing, and dual tool retainer bars for better support.


Epiroc ContiLube™ II or ContiLube™ II micro now available for SB series 

Many of Epiroc’s rig mounted SB series heavy hydraulic breakers now feature its patented Intelligent Protection System (IPS). Seamlessly combining Epiroc’s popular ‘AutoControl’ and ‘StartSelect’ functions, this fully automated system provides simpler, more efficient, and more economical operation than ever before. 

‘AutoControl’ optimises breaker performance by automatically adjusting the piston stroke length. The ‘StartSelect’ system offers manual switching between two modes, with the former enabling easy positioning at the beginning of the breaking cycle, with the latter mode meaning the breaker stops automatically to avoid blank firing at the end of the breaking cycle.

IPS permits more accurate and significantly faster positioning of the breaker, thanks to the centring effect, and avoids blank firing that often results in tool damage. This also eliminates mechanical strain on the carrier and the life of all wear components is extended.


Hilti’s TE 2000-AVR demolition hammer - power and performance without the weight

The latest addition to Hilti’s breaker portfolio, the highly versatile TE 2000-AVR, is designed with manoeuvrability in mind, with its low weight making it easy to handle, without lessening tool performance. 

The TE 2000-AVR is a blend of power and ergonomics, and weight. At 35.2N of impact energy, and 1,800i/m, and weighing just 15kg, it boasts double the performance compared to other tools in the 12kg -19kg weight class, and similar performance to competitor tools in the 29kg weight class. It is easy to manoeuvre and transport, and ready for use in minutes. A t-handle design and low vibration from Hilti’s innovative sub-chassis ‘Active Vibration Reduction’ (AVR) system provides for efficient performance with maximum working comfort. 

The TE 2000-AVR utilises a brushless SR motor with the detachable power cord allowing for quick replacement of broken or damaged cords on site. Tool electronics help ensure consistent performance in multiple power scenarios, and whether running from a wall outlet or a 30.5m 12 gage extension cord, the performance will remain consistent. 


TE-SPX SM pointed chisel

Specifically designed for use with the TE 2000-AVR, the new TE-SPX SM pointed, self-sharpening, chisel features an innovative X polygon wave design and tube effect. This enhances performance, reduces downtime due to sticking or jammed chisels, and provides optimised dust removal. The TE SPX is made from high alloy steel and a unique induction hardening process provides reliability and reduced risk of chisel breakage whilst eliminating the need for re-sharpening.


JCB’s ‘Contractor’ and 

‘Professional’ breaker series 

JCB Attachments offers two ranges of hydraulic breakers designed to work with its excavators, backhoe loaders and compact machinery lines. ‘Contractor’ hydraulic hammers have been specifically designed for all brands of excavators and tool carriers, with the range now comprising of 14 models, ranging from a compact 120kg model to suit mini and micro excavators, through to the 3.8t HM380T, designed for 40t to 60t excavators. All ‘Contractor’ breakers have accumulators to protect the carrier machine from hydraulic pressure spikes, reducing possible wear and tear on the hydraulic system. 

Hammers for use with equipment above 8t operating weight come as standard with a refillable auto greasing system, providing lubrication to cut downtime and boost productivity. Twin oval tool retaining pins are included on heavier models, whereas smaller breakers are equipped with a single tool retainer. Two speed control valves allow the operator to customise tool speed and stroke length, depending on the material that is being broken. 

Internal control valves deliver higher efficiency against competitive products with external valves. This includes reduced maintenance as the oil flow is improved, reducing heat build-up in the system and protecting internal seals. Heavier models also feature blank firing protection, further cutting the potential for damage to the breaker and wear to the carrier machine.

‘Contractor’ breakers use a single scaled design with the same maintenance requirements for each model. This ensures that dealer and customer service staff, particularly in a rental operation, can easily work on all hammers in the range. The ‘Professional’ breaker range has been designed for specialist dedicated breaking applications. Supplied with hoses, hangar bracket, moil, and chisel tools, the solid body design provides maximum strength with lower weight whilst a low maintenance accumulator helps reduce maintenance costs.

Exact match of tool and piston diameter maximises blow energy transfer, with energy not absorbed by the material being broken used to lift the tool pressuring the accumulator ready for the next blow. All JCB breakers are silenced as standard to reduce noise pollution.


Rammer’s biggest just got better

Rammer’s new 9033 breaker, successor to the highly successful Rammer 7013, benefits from a number of key changes and improvements, many of which have been proven in smaller Rammer hammers. These have been achieved by equipping the new Rammer 9033 with many of the key features recently applied to other models in the Rammer ‘large’ and ‘medium ranges’.  Weighing in at 7t, the new Rammer 9033 is suitable for carriers in the 60t to 120t operating weight range.  

Stroke length and idle blow protection can be easily adjusted, with the long stroke setting using a lower blow frequency for optimum breaking in hard materials, such as granite and reinforced concrete foundations. The short stroke setting delivers higher blow frequency which is ideal for softer materials, such as limestone. The idle blow protector on/off selector allows the operator to easily adjust the working mode to protect against idle strokes.

The new 9033 utilises long life, high tension VIDAT tie rods for improved reliability and lower operating costs. The tool retaining pins are locked by simple, reliable rubber rings, while the surface of the lower tool bushing has been specifically designed to provide longer tool life. 

The Rammer 9033 also becomes the latest (and final) model in the Rammer large range to benefit from the addition of the Ramvalve overflow protection system, which monitors the oil flow through the hammer. If the oil flow exceeds the pre-defined setting, the valve adjusts the flow to a very low level and drops the hammer’s impact rate.  Ramvalve resets after the hammer re-starts with a correct oil flow. This highly effective system provides excellent protection against accidental overflowing and overpressure, enhances the hammer’s reliability, and offers improved protection against oil spills.

To further extend its working life, the Rammer 9033 is offered with three greasing options: a centralised manual option; carrier mounted Ramlube I automatic greasing or Ramlube II, which utilises a cartridge mounted on the hammer to automatically deliver optimum levels of lubrication for greater wear protection and a longer service life. The new model also comes equipped with Rammer’s Ramdata II service indicator that allows operators and service personnel to monitor and log vital service and maintenance information to further minimise downtime.


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