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Published 22/2, 2018 at 16:14

Big equipment may get the headlines at trade shows like World of Concrete, but it’s the smaller, hand held tools that are most likely to make an immediate impact on a concrete contractor’s performance. They can be used most anywhere there’s a power source, and require no special training to use, even for the new hire on his or her first day on the job.

As you’ll see in this edition of PDi’s annual report, tools using brushless motors abound. This helps tools last longer with less maintenance, and can provide more power within the same space as their brushed DC predecessors. Also ‘routine’ for most products are improved ergonomics that won’t leave users with reminders of the day’s hard work long after quitting time. 


Hilti TE 2000-AVR demolition hammer

Weighing 15kg, Hilti’s highly versatile TE 2000-AVR demolition hammer is a blend of power, ergonomics and weight. At 35J of impact energy, delivers 1,800 impacts per minute. With a t-handle design plus exceptionally low vibration, it allows for efficient performance and maximum working comfort.  This means that the TE 2000-AVR can handle floor demolition applications for base materials as thick as 203mm, and perform tile removal and ground rod driving applications. 

The TE 2000-AVR utilizes a brushless SR motor which eliminates the need for regular replacement of carbon brushes. Tool electronics help ensure consistent performance in multiple power scenarios for the TE 2000-AVR, whether operating directly from a wall outlet or via a 30m 12 gauge extension cord.  

When used with the TE DRS-B and a Hilti vacuum, the TE 2000-AVR is Table 1 compliant with OSHA 1926.1153.


DeWalt cordless and corded 

hammer options offer jobsite versatility

DeWalt launched its new line of large SDS Max combination and demolition hammers including its Flexvolt® 60V Max brushless 46.4mm model DCH733. This hammer possesses comprehensive protection features such the innovative E-Clutch® system, and a bind up control that increases user control by sensing a stall during use which manages torque accordingly. The DCH733 achieves 13.3J and 350 rev/m for fast and efficient drilling even in hard concrete.

Other large SDS Max hammers also include the corded 46.4mm D25733K and 50.8mm D25773K, which provide 13.3J and 19.4 respectively. Both feature a brush service indicator light, trigger lock on (chipping only), ergonomic rear handle with soft grip, low vibration side handle, and SDS Max tool holder.  The D25733K has an optimised drilling range of 19mm to 44mm, while the D25773K has an optimised drilling range of 21mm to 46.4mm. 

New corded demolition hammers include the 8.6kg D25872K and 10kg D25892 chipping hammers. Each features a large, comfortable trigger, service indicator and includes constant speed control. All of the new hammers feature a variable speed dial, constant speed control.


Also from DeWalt, 

a new 60V Max cut off saw

DeWalt’s 228.6mm 60V Max DCS690 cut off saw enables use without gas. The DCS690 is capable of 82.5mm depth of cut and features a brushless motor that achieves 6,500 rev/m. This allows for fast and efficient single pass cuts, and scores in concrete and steel, as well as pavestones and rebar. With a rotatable, five position guard, the user can select the approach angle that provides optimal visibility and accessibility when cutting in tight spaces. With features including an all metal drivetrain, the saw is durable and efficient. It is also protected from harsh jobsite conditions through its latched battery box and sealed on / off switch. 

In addition, the DCS690 features a dual sided water delivery system that offers an OSHA Table 1 complaint solution for dust management when cutting concrete. Featuring a front handle that can be held in three positions, the saw can be used to cut in both horizontal and vertical positions.


Makita 18V LXT brushless hammer driver drill 

Makita has released a new 18V LXT® lithium-Ion brushless 12.7mm hammer driver-drill, model XPH07M. Delivering a full 123J of torque, the XPH07M is powered by the new Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion 4.0Ah battery. Makita’s efficient BL™ brushless motor is electronically controlled to optimise battery energy use for up to 50% longer run time per charge. Electronic controls efficiently use battery energy to match torque and rev/m to meet the changing demands of the application for increased power and speed when needed. As there are no carbon brushes, the XPH07M’s brushless motor runs cooler and more efficiently.


Bosch cordless rotary 

hammers  match efficiency and performance

The Bosch GBH18V-20 19mm SDS-plus® rotary hammer produces 5,850 bpm, but weighs only 2.6kg. This provides toughness to get the job done, but not at the expense of user fatigue it delivers 1.8J of torque in a tool with three modes for drilling, hammer drilling and chiselling. Its efficient DC motor is easy to maintain with long lasting carbon brushes, while a LED work light is included for working in dark areas.

Bosch’s GBH18V-26 25.4mm rotary hammer delivers 2.6J of torque in a 3.5kg tool with an ergonomic L-shape design offering horizontal power transmission. With a Bosch 6.0 Ah Lithium-ion battery, the power tool is said to drill longer and hit harder than bigger tools with more weight. Bosch electronic precision control ensures 70% soft start to help avoid walking or skating. It also features a proprietary ‘kick-back’ control and a bi-integrated acceleration sensor that virtually stops the drill’s rotation during bit bind up situations, potentially reducing arm and wrist injuries. In addition, the tool includes Bosch’s vibration control for added user safety and ease of use.

Both new hammers utilise the Bosch ‘flexible power system’, said to be one of the most versatile lithium-ion battery platforms available. The system offers complete compatibility by allowing 18V ‘FatPack’ and ‘SlimPack’ batteries to be used with any tool. Bosch 18V 2.0Ah and larger batteries also feature ‘CoolPack’ technology, which offers a heat conductive housing to keep batteries cooler for superior runtime and up to double the life. All Bosch batteries provide cold weather performance to -20°C.

Skilsaw introduces 13A 

reciprocating saw with BuzzkillTM technology 

Skilsaw has entered the linear cutting market with a 13A reciprocating saw with patented Buzzkill™ technology. This is a full frame counterbalance that suppresses vibration up to 35% when compared with comparable competing models. That provides comfortable, controlled cuts that won’t wear out the user or the saw. Skilsaw’s linear system also simplifies the counterbalance to maintain vibration control with fewer wear points. The reduced vibration makes the tool more durable, increasing its lifespan and providing greater comfort for the user.

Skilsaw has also developed the patented single wobble drive train, which reduces friction to slow down heat build-up for a longer tool life. In addition, the 13A reciprocating saw features a unique clock spring brush system. The constant spring is designed for durability and optimal motor performance as the saw pushes through the cut, regardless of heat or dust flow. In addition, Skilsaw offers a 15A heavy duty reciprocating saw, also with its BuzzkillTM technology.

Hitachi’s H45MEY demolition hammer

The H45MEY demolition hammer with AC brushless motor combines performance and comfort.  Delivering 13.4J of impact energy with a full load maximum impact rate of 1,430-2,850 bpm, the hammer’s user vibration protection (UVP) technology can reduce down time and vibration related injury via the use of internal counterweights and springs. A variable lock mechanism in neutral position allows for 12 different angle positions for optimal working angle options

Aluminium housing construction significantly enhances the internal and external durability of the tool. Externally, the metal body construction is more resistant to harsh working conditions than its plastic counterparts. Internally, incorporating a plastic stator holder around the brushless motor, provides an internal double insulation construction that can protect the user from an electric shock. During use, the metal construction keeps the internal gears secure and aligned preventing wear and power loss. Additionally, the metal body dissipates heat better, increasing overall motor life.


Also from Hitachi, 

the CM75EBP gas cut off saw

The CM75EBP 355.6mm gas cut off saw has been developed for construction and renovation jobs that require concrete cutting for small openings. Portable at 10.6kg and easy to use, this handheld machine is made for high performance. The 75cc two stroke engine meets emission levels without sacrificing power, adding weight or extra parts, while a decompression valve and one lever choke ensures easy starting in cold temperatures. A dust  proof recoil starter and wear resistant starter rope help reduce maintenance on dusty jobsites.


Lackmond’s BCR130/5BG drill

U.S. manufacturer Lackmond has teamed up with B+BTec of the Netherlands to create the BCR 130/5BG handheld core drill. At 7.5kg and with a powerful 1.9kW motor, the drill’s three speed gearing provides excellent drilling performance with core bit range of 9.5mm to 130mm, and no-load speeds of up to 4,290 rev/min. With an optional dry drilling kit, the BCR 130/5BG can provide continuous alternating dry or wet drilling. Other features include an LED motor overload indicator, a water level that aids in keeping the machine level, a 3600 auxiliary handle, and a backward facing water valve to prevent damage.


Hand held air saws from U.S. Saws

U.S. Saws’ hand held air powered saws are environmentally friendly and safe alternatives to traditional gas powered saws designed for cutting concrete and asphalt. By using a pneumatic power source, the saws eliminate dangerous exhaust pollutants and require less maintenance. The dry cutting saws also eliminate the need for messy slurry clean ups. Three models of air saws are available, all of which weigh 11.3kg. The HS-100 and HS-125 both use 355.6mm blades for a maximum cutting depth of 127mm. The HS-150 can handle 457mm blades for cutting up to 178mm deep. An optional dolly converts the saw to a walk behind model.


Metabo UHEV 2860-2 combination 

hammer offering compact versatility

With a single blow energy of 3.4J at up to 4,500 bpm, the four function UHEV 2860-2 is designed for hammer drilling, drilling without impact in two speeds, and chiselling using 28mm bits. The drill’s ergonomics possess a centre of gravity located near the hand, and an optimised handle contour.  A cable protecting ball joint provides freedom of motion when working, while an automatic safety clutch decouples the drive for safe working should the drill stop unexpectedly.

Other features include a long lasting aluminium alloy housing, quick change facility between SDS plus hammer chuck, and keyless chuck for drilling in wood and metal. Specialised electronics allow for working with materials requiring customised speeds, which remain constant under load.


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