Annual demolition conference in Berlin

Published 22/4, 2016 at 16:07

The German demolition association, Deutscher Abbruchverband, held its annual demolition conference in Berlin in March. This was the 22nd conference since the event started in 1995 and is the largest demolition event in Europe.

This year there were 750 participants and 100 exhibitors mostly from Germany, but also from other European countries. There were around 20 speakers, including Jose Blanco from the European Demolition Association.

The demolition conference had a comprehensive mix of topics with reports and visits to demolition job sites around Berlin, presentations of technical norms, laws and regulations, and handling and recycling of hazardous waste.

”Despite this a lot of emphasis has been put on hazardous waste handling like PCB and asbestos this year,” said Deutscher Abbruchverband managing director Andreas Poscha. ”We have had very strict regulations and concerns about dangerous chemicals and materials for years in Europe. But now 30 years later it is becoming a complicated issue for us in the demolition industry, how we should remove, separate and take care of hazardous materials in a safe way. This is a big concern in both Germany and Europe today.”

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