Aqua Spine takes hydrodemolition to new spaces

Published 16/4, 2018 at 15:56

Aquajet Systems AB has introduced the Aqua Spine. This multi-modular system uses high pressure water jets to precisely remove concrete from surfaces that may be inaccessible for Aqua Cutter robots, Aquajet’s traditional hydrodemolition machines.

Used for onshore and offshore construction, as well as in conventional and nuclear power plants, the Aqua Spine brings the power of hydrodemolition to tight, small places.

“The Aqua Spine is an extremely versatile piece of equipment that sets itself above the rest when it comes to removing concrete,” said Roger Simonsson, Aquajet Systems managing director. “It allows operators to remove concrete in areas that have previously been inaccessible in a safe and efficient manner.”

Hydrodemolition uses high pressure water jets to precisely remove sound, deteriorated or damaged concrete. This sustainable method leaves rebar undamaged, while protecting and preserving existing concrete. The Aqua Spine eliminates vibrations that cause micro fracturing, as well as reducing exposure to harmful silica dust. The method leaves a sound surface ready to accept new material.

Aquajet designed the Aqua Spine as a multi-modular system with a single feed beam to ensure adaptability to different applications. The system works well in applications such as roads and bridges, hydro and nuclear power plants, and underwater demolition, with the modular design enabling it enter hard to reach corners. An Aqua Cutter robot, or standard Power Control unit, controls the Aqua Spine with a separate power pack containing everything else needed for the job. 

When working on flat surfaces, the modular system bolts onto walls, floors or ceilings. For increased versatility, hydraulic platforms, cranes and scaffolding can provide support. The system works  underwater on bridge pillars using the circular power head, whilst a 360o ring wraps around pillars of any diameter, enabling operation without having to be moved. The Aqua Spine may be assembled and modified for a variety of tasks based on specifications, with contractors being able to change the length and width seamlessly by adding or removing spine beam sections.

The system comes with two interchangeable rail systems: dual and triple. The smaller dual system works best in confined areas when connected to a scaffolding’s multiple attachment points. The triple system is used when the Aqua Spine is placed horizontally or free standing, and for a longer span of up 19ft (6m).  

The standard setup, with triple spine in max configuration, allows the Aqua Spine to remove about 194ft2 (59m2) of concrete before needing to be moved, and handles the same pressure and flows as Aqua Cutter robots, roughly 15,000-40,000psi. Equipped with ceramic nozzles to ensure a long lifespan and minimal downtime, the Aqua Spine comes complete with an adjustable oscillation system. This allows the stroke of water to be changed within a minute to adapt the nozzles for varying depths of cuts. The system can be used with the Aquajet EcoClear water treatment system, ensuring the wastewater generated by the hydrodemolition process can be safely released back into the environment after neutralizing the water’s pH and reducing its turbidity.

The Aqua Spine works with an array of Aquajet hydrodemolition equipment, including the Aqua Cutter 410A and 410V;  Aqua Cutter 710H, 710V and 710V XL; and the Power Control Module.

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