Aquajet celebrating 30 years with new releases

Published 22/2, 2018 at 13:15

In 2018, Aquajet celebrates its thirtieth birthday, which is being celebrated as part of its ‘Hydrodemolition days’ in April this year.

At the company’s popular event in Sweden, Aquajet will unveil several ground breaking products which will strengthen its position as the market leading provider of safe and sustainable hydrodemolition equipment.

The story of Aquajet Systems began as a hydrodemolition contracting company in Sweden with Aquajet developing a reputation as a leading innovation and technology friendly company. Over the years, Aquajet has manufactured some of the industry’s most advanced, versatile and sustainable hydrodemolition products. The Aqua Cutter 410A, the Aqua Cutter 710V, Power Pack Ecosilence and the sustainable water treatment system, EcoClear, are a few examples of products that have changed hydrodemolition since their introduction. 

Since 1988 Aquajet has refined and redefined its and the industries hydrodemolition technology many times. Such technical innovations include ‘Evolution Control System’, ‘Equal Distance System’ and ‘Intelligent Sensing Control’. Today, Aquajet possesses a portfolio of unique and patented solutions.

The thirtieth anniversary of Aquajet will last throughout the year, but the celebration itself will be marked officially during the Hydrodemolition days in April at Aquajet’s headquarters in Sweden. Hundreds of guests from around the world will be invited to the celebrations and some introduced to some special treats, as Aquajet will introduce a series of new products aimed at of safe, sustainable and efficient hydrodemolition. 

The specifics about the new products are to be announced during the spring. “At this point my lips are sealed, but I can assure every last one of our customers that our new products will be something special. We are introducing ground breaking products to deliver even better performance and productivity. It is advanced technology that will make the operation faster, safer and easier than ever before,” says Roger Simonsson.


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