Aquajet’s new products at Bauma

Published 23/6, 2016 at 13:50

The Swedish hydrodemolition equipment manufacturer Aquajet Systems introduced new products at Bauma, including the EcoClear water filtration system and two new robots the Aqua Cutter 410V and Aqua cutter 710V XL.

EcoClear has been developed to filter hydrodemolition water when working with Aquajet’s range of robots.  The system can handle a flow rate up 20m³/h, and gives the operator full control to monitor and change the water pH level as well as turbidity. EcoClear also enables the safe and pollution free discharge of water back into the environment.

Aquajet reinforced the use of hydrodemolition as the safest and most sustainable concrete removal method by introducing two new cutter robots. The Aqua Cutter 410V is a combination of Aquajet’s robots, 410A and 710V. The new 410V is much lighter and smaller compared to the original 710V, making it ideal for all kinds of operations, especially in confined areas.

The Aqua Cutter 710V XL is a bigger version of the 710V and can reach horizontal, vertical and overhead areas up 7m without support. With a larger footprint the 710V XL can handle higher reaction forces and has less weight/m2.

Both robots come with Aquajet’s latest Evolution 2.0 control system and the REVO control system for robots and power packs. This allows the robots and power packs can work together as one unit, and be controlled by the operator with a single remote control at a safe distance.

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