Aquajet Systems introduces specialised training academy to North America

Published 3/7, 2018 at 12:17

Aquajet Systems AB has ensured that North American operators of its equipment are able to enjoy advanced training through its new Aquajet Academy.

The Academy’s ‘Six Steps of Education’ training program includes six courses that cover aspects of hydrodemolition ranging from streamlining work to cutting edge techniques, enabling operators to increase their jobsite efficiency and safety. Aquajet Systems specialists host the program periodically throughout the year. 

“We’ve always offered product training to ensure ease of use, but on a smaller scale,” says Roger Simonsson, Aquajet Systems AB managing director. “With the Aquajet Academy, we’re helping contractors heighten their skills and advance their businesses with cutting edge operating techniques. This program helps hydrodemolition operators increase their bottom line by using the equipment, and accompanying attachments, to the fullest extent.”  

The training program incorporates individual courses offering more extensive training and adaptation to each customer’s knowledge and experience. The six elements of the program are:


• Products: during the two day course operators get to know their hydrodemolition machine from the inside out. The course is both practical and theoretical. The practical portion gives operators hands on experience setting up and manoeuvring the machine while the theoretical course includes an in depth overview of the operations manual. 


• Hydrodemolition: the two day course focuses on the concrete removal process. Operators explore the robot’s various programmable settings and learn how to enhance precision and efficiency. This course also covers tips for increasing safety on the jobsite. 


• Streamlining work: Aquajet instructors spend two days at a customer’s jobsite, adapting their training to suit the contractor’s specific line of work. 


• Safety and technique: often referred to as the most important part of the training program, this one day course educates operators on the power and risks of the highly pressurised water used in hydrodemolition. It provides tips on how to best calculate pressure and flow and consider reaction force, as well as offering different techniques to get the job done in a safe and efficient way.

• Service: operators spend a full day learning how to maintain and adjust the robot’s components to ensure equipment longevity. 


• Train the trainer: a three day course prepares students to become certified Aquajet instructors, with the capability and knowledge to hold courses on their own. Requirements include being a distributor or customer of Aquajet, with at least one year of experience and obtain the required licenses.


Aquajet maintains small class sizes during each course, teaching approximately five students at a time to ensure a high level of individual attention and support. The course can also be adapted to specific operator skill levels and experience. For novice students, instructors will explain hydrodemolition basics before delving into the functionality of the Aqua Cutter robots. Skilled operators experience a more ambitious approach, which includes learning new techniques and specific settings that improve efficiency. 

For more information on the Aquajet Academy, or to register, contact Shawn Kirkpatrick at:


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