Arjes shredder recycles waste wood

Published 16/5, 2017 at 15:59

When the owner of US wood processor Evergreen Tree and Turf Care Larry Simpson was deciding how to move forward with his business, he opted for a new primary shredder to replace an old grinding machine.

Simpson needed a higher specification yet easy to maintain unit that would do the job efficiently while being cost-effective. So he chose an Arjes VZ 850 DK primary shredder, powered by a 16litre Volvo Penta diesel engine.

“I’d been using high horsepower grinders, but they could not crush the wood into small enough pieces, and the machines were quite high maintenance,” said Simpson. “I decided there must be a better way to break down the wood and so I looked around at different options and saw that Arjes produced a range of primary shredders. I contacted their dealer and chose to go for the 850 model.”

Simpson bought the Arjes VZ 850 DK shredder in August 2016 and so far has used the machine for around 500h about half its expected annual usage. Last October, Hurricane Matthew caused devastation in thestate of Georgia and the shredder has regularly been put to use for six or seven days a week to cope with demand for wood clearance and processing.

“It can shred all sizes and types of wood and as it’s got a dual feed shelf so it can catch everything,” said Simpson. “The machine was new to the US, so I’ve been a bit of a guinea pig, but it’s worked really well. The engine is very quiet, you’d hardly know it was running, as you can’t hear much of the motor, just the sound of wood being shredded. This is one particular advantage of the shredder over a grinder. And it’s low maintenance too. I expect to be able to run it for at least 10,000h. I’d definitely recommend it to other wood processing companies.”

Arjes makes a range of shredders and screening machines for the recycling of trees, waste wood, car bodies, tyres, and other industrial and domestic waste material. The company uses Volvo Penta engines  and the Volvo Penta’ TAD1643VE-B and TAD1672VE are now used in Arjes VZ 750, 850 and 950 primary shredders. The company has also installed Volvo Penta  TAD572VE engine in its new Impaktor 250 stone crusher, and is developing the larger Impaktor 800, which will be powered by a 16litre Volvo Penta engine.

Elke Ernest, head of sales for Arjes, says the OEM is keen to explore new OEM markets in the US: “As most of the shredder manufacturers are there, the market is definitely interesting, and with 300M people and a lot of waste, we should at least get a good share of this market,” said Arjes sales manager Elke Ernest.”We see the partnership of our machinery with Volvo Penta engines as a successful relationship. Arjes is just starting in the US and we participated at the Conexpo/Con/Agg show.”

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