Atlas Copco: expands HiLight tower range

Published 10/7, 2017 at 12:13

Atlas Copco has expanded its HiLight tower range with the launch of three new LED plug-and-light models. The P2+, V2+ and V3+, can be powered from an auxiliary power source, the grid or a portable generator.

The HiLight P2+ floodlight provides 360° coverage across a 2,000m2 illumination area. This is a much greater distance than traditional balloon style light towers. The 320W LED light source is housed in a weatherproof cylindrical polyethylene housing and weighs 45kg. The manually elevated vertical mast has a maximum operating height of 5.5m and is certified as being wind-stable up to 50km/h.

Designed for use in road works and construction site applications, the HiLight V2+ and V3+ are housed on a four-wheel trailer. Both models have a steel frame and are protected by polyethylene bumpers. The V2+ light tower has a 320W LED light source, covering 2,000m2. The HiLight V3+ is equipped with four 120W LED lamps combined with directional glass optics capable of illuminating an area of up to 3,000m2. Both the V2+ and V3+ have manually operated vertical masts that extend up to 5.5m and allow for 9°of rotation. 

“Our new HiLight towers are designed to help workers experience a brighter, safer environment that will enhance their productivity,” said Atlas Copco Portable Energy light solutions product marketing manager Felix Gomez. “What’s more, the LED lamps experience no burn-out problems and have a life expectancy of 30,000h, which contributes to lower maintenance costs and longer service intervals.”

When access to the grid is not possible and portable power supply is required, Atlas Copco recommends powering the light towers with Atlas Copco iP portable generators.

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