Atlas Copco expands light tower range

Published 15/9, 2017 at 11:22

Atlas Copco has extended its light tower range with the launch of the HiLight V4W, designed for high altitudes and extreme weather conditions.

The HiLight V4W, which has an 8kW water-cooled engine, is able to perform at temperatures, in excess of 40 °C. The engine was chosen to cope with altitudes greater than 2,000m and without power de-rating. 

The light tower is equipped with four 1kW metal halide lamps, which can illuminate an area of up to 4,000m2, with an average brightness of 20lux. The HiLight V4W has a manually operated vertical mast, which rotates 360o and provides a maximum operating height of 7.5m. There is an optional electric winch. 

The HiLight V4W is housed on a unibody trailer with a four-point levelling system and base frame and stabilisers HardHat polyethylene canopy. It can also be fitted with an optional photocell and weekly timer. The photocell measures the luminosity and can be activated by sunlight while the latter allows scheduling of different lighting events. 

“Our new HiLight tower is designed to help workers experience a brighter, safer environment that will enhance their productivity even in extreme working conditions,” said Atlas Copco Portable Energy light solutions marketing manager Felix Gomez. “We have improved maintenance procedures and enhanced serviceability, to ensure users can focus on the task in-hand.”

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