Avant Tecno’s new battery powered loader

Published 22/4, 2016 at 11:59

The Finnish loader manufacturer Avant Tecno has added the Avant e5 battery powered loader offering zero emission, extremely low noise and running costs for.

The machine, which can use many Avant attachments, can operate in unventilated spaces. And because of its low noise level it can work in noise restricted areas or where minimum interference caused by site noise is a benefit.

The e5 is equipped with a 201Ah lead acid battery. It has two separate electric motors, a 6kW motor for driving the machine and 2kW motor for loader boom operation and auxiliary hydraulics. Avant e5 has 30litre/min auxiliary hydraulic flow, which allows working with various Avant attachments, including hydraulic hammer and various grapples.

Operation time of the Avant e5 varies highly depending on the type of work it is performing. The loader has an integrated battery charger, which makes it possible to charge batteries anywhere a 220V/ 0A power outlet is available. A battery pack exchange system will be available. Full charging time of the battery pack is approximately five hours.

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