Baier expand in to the US

Published 29/12, 2016 at 16:29

BAIER has been manufacturing power tools since 1938. Located near Stuttgart, Germany, Baier has been very successful in over 60 countries and is now expanding into the USA. Baier products are manufactured only in Germany and is known worldwide for its outstanding quality. The defect rate for Baier tools at an extremely low 0.3%; makes it almost a perfect tool.

Baier is the inventor of the percussion drill, the mixer, the cold saw and many more machines. Baier tools are made with the high precision and offer smart solutions to the user on site and save money with the Baier machines with the integrated ROI guaranty.

New is that Baier now cooperates with GSS International from California and together, Baier and GSS International hope to conquer the American market with unique solutions for various industries.

The name of the game is Solution. GSS International offers to the American market what the competition cannot do, according to themselves. GSS International is looking for the niche market with unique solutions.  Some example is the BDN 511, a dry dust-free channel cutter grooving 2” wide and almost 2” deep in one single step, the face miller with 6 different attachments and the highest torque in the industry or the hand polishing machine for concrete, marble and granite.

These machines and more will be shown and demonstrated at the WOC in the Baier / GSS International booth at World of Concrete. The booth number is O31642 in the outdoor area.

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