BeBoSa – A feast of frenemies

Published 16/5, 2017 at 16:13

For the German concrete sawing industry, BeBoSa is the second most important trade show after Bauma. Held in Willingen, a skiing resort right in the middle of the country, BeBoSa is an all-German forum where the crème de la crème of the industry showcase their latest innovations and trade ideas. Andrei Bushmarin reports.

The concrete sawing industry is often said to be more of a brotherhood than a cutthroat competition. This is particularly true of the German association Fachverbandes Betonbohren und-sägen - arguably, the world's biggest and best organized. The partnership between it and BeBoSa goes back a long was, with the association playing a vital role in organizing this triennial “feast of frenemies”. 


Increased Dutch presence

The Netherlands-based Exhibition Company organizes BeBoSa. This, along with Holland being close by, might explain the ever-growing number of Dutch companies at the show. Germany is a lucrative market, and failing to try to carve a niche there would have been a grave mistake. This time such leading Dutch suppliers as Diacom, Meijer Diamond Tools and B+BTec and KGS Diamond showcased their latest products. Founding fathers of another Dutch major Adamas Danny van der Zwaan and Seth Lavrusen were spotted among visitors. 


New players 

BeBoSa's roster of exhibitors is pretty much established, but this year it featured a handful of new names. Addax International, a UK-based supplier of chemicals for construction applications, shared a booth with SSB Fidan whose accessories for concrete cutting and drilling are now world-recognised. Addax is a young company founded by two Norwegians living in Great Britain. 

One of Addax’s signature products is CreteBeater, a non-toxic, non-corrosive, environmentally friendly liquid for removing concrete and cement from tools, equipment, machinery and other surfaces. It is safe to use on painted surfaces, aluminium, glass and rubber.  The concrete remover is biologically degradable and can be disposed of into a regular sewage system. CreteBeater dissolves concrete by breaking down the bond of cement, making concrete layers bubble up and release from the surface. The compound is applicable to cleaning cement equipment, ready-mixers and pump trucks, mixers and hand tools. 

Hidralmac Europe is a new entrant to the European market of diamond consumables. Based in Ennepetal near Cologne, the company is a European arm of South America's biggest manufacturer of hydraulic presses and cutting and bending machines Hidralmac Brasil. Hidralmac manufactures diamond tools using its own in-house patterned technology. The Hidralmac process ensures a 3D distribution of diamond particles inside the tool matrix resulting in consistently high performance and extended life of the tool. Currently the company is focusing on diamond wires and core bits for professional users, which it markets under the brand name Hai Bit. 

Germany-based Klingspor Schleifsysteme was another new exhibitor at BeBoSa.  With 124 years of history under its belt and a worldwide presence, the company specializes in making grinding and polishing consumables, such as cut-off wheels, grinding discs and abrasive mop wheels.  


Hilti takes wall 

sawing to a next level 

Hilti took the wall sawing technology to a next level by presenting a new machine that does not require a separate electric box. With a maximum cutting depth of 720mm to cover most of the wall sawing applications, the new Hilti DST 20-CA boasts a 30% increase in cutting performance compared to the former DS TS20. Thanks to the remote control featuring a cutting depth indicator and the patented cut assist function, the system is easy to handle. 

Other features include ergonomic design, an integrated flush-cutting flange, a traction control system and a compact trolley for moving the system around site. The DST 20-CA is fully compatible with the existing range of Hilti wall sawing accessories.  


Dr. Schulze reinvents 

itself as a surface prep specialist  

A few years ago Dr. Schulze changed direction by prioritizing surface preparation over other concrete sawing and drilling techniques. Now the company boasts a range of concrete grinding and polishing equipment rivalling those from Blastrac and Klindex. 

One of the range's main flagship models is the multi-disc grinder DBF-300 TWO-IN ONE unveiled in Willingen. Due to a system of the exchangeable drive pulleys, the machine's rotational speed varies within a wide range, which makes it possible to use with carbide milling drums and diamond discs. It can accommodate up to 24 diamond discs and has a maximum grinding width of 320mm. 

Also new from Dr. Schulze is the electric floor saw FS800 LST. Using 800mm blades, the floor saw has a cutting depth of up to 330mm and comes either with a 7.5kW or 11kW electric motor. Its key feature is a hydraulically controlled system of cutting depth adjustment. The floor saw can be dismantled into three pieces within five minutes. 

The company also presented a complex solution that allows repairing cracks, restoring expansion joints and eliminating various defects of concrete surfaces within 30min. 


Brøndum, a clean air supplier

Denmark-based dust control specialist Brøndum used BeBoSa to debut two latest additions to its Ronda range, the high-capacity dry cleaner Ronda 2600 green tech and pre-separator CF-501. The former is a powerful dry cleaner, particularly suitable for vacuuming large areas. It comes equipped as standard with a 750 mm front nozzle and load-bearing accessories so that the machine can also be used for regular dust suction applications with a 4m hose, suction tube and floor nozzle. A double filter system allows retaining 99.995% of all dust particles larger than 0.3µm. 

Also new was the pre-separator CF-501. The pre-separator is connected to the vacuum cleaner through an extra hose, with the suction hose, tube and nozzle attached to the pre-separator. The built-in cyclone enables separation of up to 99% of the vacuumed material into the pre-separator’s container, with very little dust ending up in the vacuum cleaner. The strain on the filter system of the vacuum cleaner is thereby reduced, resulting in a better performance. The cyclone unit is integrated in the top of the pre-separator for protection. Dust is collected into a 50l container, but it is also possible to use a separate disposable plastic bag. The Ronda CF-501 has a strong metal frame and four steering wheels, which makes transportation safe and easy. 


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