Best practice for maintaining petrol-powered drills and breakers

Published 2/3, 2017 at 14:26

Petrol-powered drills and breakers are designed for use on jobs located in remote areas where there is a need for operators to move around frequently. Therefore, the last thing a contractor wants is to get to a site in the middle of nowhere and find that the drill they have brought does not work because it has not been properly maintained. Downtime is costly, so following a regular maintenance regime will ensure improved uptime and prolong its life.

Chicago Pneumatic representative Gus Armbruster provides some tips for keeping the latest handheld breakers and drill in optimum working condition.

It is crucial the air filter is checked daily that it is not clogged and the operator should simply tap it to clean it. Also check that the tool shank is correct to prevent jamming. The only weekly maintenance tip is to check the lower reservoir that oils the tool shank.

Each month, the gearbox oil level should be checked when the drill is upright. Every three months it is essential to check that the nuts, bolts, screws, and hose fittings are tightened to the correct torque settings.

One of the most important maintenance tips is to ensure that the correct fuel is used. With CP’s Red Hawk range, a high octane, low ethanol fuel should be used.  When using a drill or breaker with a two-stroke motor, it is advised to check that the oil to petrol stays at a ratio of 2:1. If the machine has not been used for more than two weeks, it is recommended the remaining fuel is emptied and re-fill with fresh fuel.

We always recommend storing the machine in a standing position, after removing the working tool. If stored horizontally, the machine must be placed on the back cover.

Some motor drills and breakers require little attention in the maintenance shop, but there are a few things to avoid on site. For example, when using the Red Hawk Road breaker, a crucial thing to check is that the machine is equipped with the right accessory.

The Red Hawk Road weighing 22kg is the most powerful breaker in the CP Red Hawk range. Ideal for concrete and asphalt breaking and cutting, enough impact energy is delivered to handle silica-rich rocks and reinforced concrete. An additional tamping shank allows users to repair potholes and surface damage.

Designed for use on and around railway tracks, the Red Hawk Rail is ideal for tie tamping. By offering high frequency with less impact energy the Red Hawk Rail ensures that minimal damage is done to track ballast.

Completing the range is the Red Hawk Drill, offering a combined drill and breaker, ideal for light service applications. With a range of different working tools, the Red Hawk Drill is a universal tool that offers users working in remote locations an alternative to existing drills and breakers.

With 11 shank options and a trolley or carrying harness, CP has a range of accessories designed to make the Red Hawk range as versatile as possible.

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