Betonjet used hydrodemolition to renovate auger channels

Published 26/11, 2015 at 15:27

Extraction of slurry is an important factor when operating a wastewater treatment plant. In many cases plant operators choose an auger system, due to its efficiency and low energy consumption.

Because of its continuous operation, the semi-circular concrete auger channels are subject to wear and require occasional maintenance. Having tried several methods of concrete removal, the wastewater treatment plant operator concluded that hydrodemolition would be the ideal solution.

The specialist contractor Betonjet from Switzerland developed a system based on a modified Conjet hydrodemolition robot placed directly in the channels, which had a radius ranging from 900mm to 1200mm. The Conjet 324 robot was supported by a winch for a step-by-step removal of the damaged concrete from inside the auger channels, which slope at an angle of 45°. A Hammelmann 364 pump provided water at 100l/min and a pressure of 2,000bar to the jetting lance. It took Betonjet specialists three days to recondition one auger. About 8m3 to 9m3 of concrete was removed to a depth of 150mm for each auger.

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