Blastrac launches major new products

Published 22/2, 2018 at 15:47

Blastrac has released a series of new dust collectors and other equipment.

The new dust collector series is aimed at exceeding users’ expectations, with their M-class and H-class certified, Longopac bagging system, being perfect for small or large jobsites.


Five new powerful dust collectors 

The BDC-1133 dust collector is an M/H-class dust collector designed to deal with hazardous materials and is TRGS519 certified for safe asbestos removal. It is equipped with a permanent reverse air pulse filter cleaning system, high suction performance, and sealed airflow delivering increased productivity. As well as standard features, it is available with accessories including flow sensor warning, storage solutions, etc. The dust collector has a dual filter solution in H-class machines (3-stage filtration) with the power outlet having automatic stop-start for electric power tools.

The new BDC-122 dust collector is M-class certified with a new generation of M-class filters. It has a manual hand shaker, and is equipped with 2 motors and an Ø50mm inlet. Of a compact size, it is also equipped with a Longopac bagging system for a safe working environment.

The new BDC 122HC dust collector is H-class certified to EN 60335-2-69 Annex AA. It is equipped with a new generation of M-class filter and a secondary H14 HEPA filter. It comes complete with a manual hand shaker on top, two motors and an Ø50mm inlet, and a Longopac bagging system for a safe working environment, making it ideal for working with hazardous materials such as asbestos.

Another new dust collector is the BDC-133MUD which is M-class certified and equipped with a new generation of M-class filters. A manual hand shaker is located on its side, with the model providing high suction power (3 motors) and an Ø70mm inlet. It is also equipped with an ‘up and down’ system for easy transportation and a Longopac bagging system for a safe working environment.

The final new dust collector is the DC-133HCUD which is H-class certified according to EN 60335-2-69 Annex AA. It is equipped with a new generation of M-class filters and secondary H14 HEPA filter. Other features are the same as with the BDC-133MUD.


‘Ride-on’ floor grinder

The new ‘Bull’ BMG-2200 is a large scale ‘ride-on floor grinding machine, designed for large horizontal surfaces. With two drive wheels fitted to the front, and a swivel castor at the back, the machine is very manoeuvrable both on and off jobsites. It is both effective and ergonomic to operate, with the operator sitting in comfort on a seat with armrests on both sides, along with joysticks, push buttons and a touch screen.

The three powerful BMG-780PRO grinding heads produces maximum coverage and effective distribution of grinding pressure on each individual head. This means each grinding head may be operated individually.  It is designed with an integrated powerful dust collecting system with HEPA 14 filters, which makes the BMG-2200 virtually dust free according to OSHA regulations. It is further equipped with an automatic pulse filter cleaning system, Longopac system and is provided as standard with a pre-separator.


BB-700E burnisher

Purpose developed for burnishing and polishing concrete floors, the BB-700E is designed for polished concrete installations. It is equipped with an ergonomically comfortable handle in order to reduce operator fatigue, being ideal for large jobs such as airports, malls, hotels and schools. It may also be connected to a dust collector to work in a dust free environment.


Magnetic Broom

The final new product launched by Blastrac is a magnetic broom developed to collect steel shot and any other metal particles left on the floor, such as nails, screws and so forth.  Of a light weight construction, the machine has been designed to be both user friendly and requires little if no maintenance. 

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