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Published 17/5, 2017 at 13:06

Concrete, rock, pavement and masonry are pretty tough materials to deal with. And more often than not, it will not go quietly, or easily. That is why it helps contractors to have some extra muscle in their arsenals, efficient, reliable tools that will show that formidable inorganic foe who is boss, no matter what extra strength its builders, or nature, gave it.
That is why everybody in this business loves breakers. Just as even the most self-assured professional fighters have respect for their opponents, smart contractors recognize that there will always be a new challenge that tests the mettle, and maybe metal too, of their machinery. Sure, they can get the job done, but with a better breaker, they get it done faster, more efficiently, and at a better price for both owner and customer. Jim Parsons reports on the latest breakers.



Rammer’s biggest just got better

Conexpo 2017 served as the international launch pad for the latest incarnation of Rammer’s largest breaker, the 9033. Replacing the Rammer 7013, the 9033 offers several key changes and improvements, many of which have been proven on smaller Rammer hammers.   

Weighing 7t the Rammer 9033 is suitable for carriers in the 60t to 120t weight range. Impact rate on the long stroke setting rises from a maximum of 450 blows/min to 520 blows/min, while maximum oil flow rises to 460litres/min.   Input power is up from 113kW to 138kW, an increase of 22% compared with the 7013.

Stroke length and idle blow protection can be easily adjusted to allow the Rammer 9033 to be matched to individual applications. The long stroke setting uses a lower blow frequency for optimum breaking in hard materials. The short stroke setting delivers higher blow frequency, which is ideal for softer materials. The idle blow protector on/off selector allows operators to easily adjust the working mode to protect against idle strokes.

Like the other models in Rammer’s large range of hydraulic hammers, the new 9033 has been designed for a long, trouble-free life and utilizes high-tension VIDAT tie rods. The tool retaining pins are locked by simple, reliable rubber rings, and the lower tool bushing has been designed for longer tool life. 

The Rammer 9033 is also the latest and final model in the Rammer large range to benefit from the addition of the Ramvalve overflow protection system. The Ramvalve monitors the oil flow through the hammer. If the oil flow exceeds the pre-defined setting, the valve adjusts the flow to a very low level and drops the hammer’s impact rate. The Ramvalve resets after the hammer re-starts with the correct oil flow. This system provides protection against accidental overflowing and overpressure, enhances the hammer’s reliability, and offers improved protection against oil spills.

The Rammer 9033 has three greasing options, a centralized manual option, carrier-mounted Ramlube I automatic greasing, or Ramlube II, which utilizes a cartridge mounted on the hammer to automatically deliver lubrication. The new model also comes equipped with Rammer’s Ramdata II service indicator, allowing operators and service personnel to monitor and log service and maintenance information to minimize downtime.


Dehaco Ibex 

hydraulic breakers—strong Dutch quality

When controlled force is necessary the Ibex hydraulic breakers from Dehaco are in a class by themselves, with outstanding quality, extremely versatile, and a mass of power and durability.

Dehaco’s years of experience has led to the development of hydraulic breakers that are reliable and simple to maintain. All models are protected with a housing, making them suitable for the broadest variety of applications.

Consequently, inspection points have been introduced in the housing, allowing regular checks to be made on the through-bolts. An optional automatic lubrication system makes it even simpler to keep the breaker in perfect condition. In combination with a special set, the breakers can also be operated underwater.

The Ibex gas silenced series comprises 14 models, all equipped with a nitrogen accumulator and suitable for carriers from 0.8t to 55t. 

The larger models in the GS-series have an accumulator to generate additional impact energy. The accumulator also reduces peak pressures from the hydraulic circuit, reducing recoil to the carrier and protecting the breaker. When desired, the breakers are available with an open housing, know as the gas open series.

The Ibex hydraulic silenced series comprises four models and feature the power absorbing accumulator system and oil traffic control system. These ensure a continuous and stable oil flow and operating pressure, where optimum impact energy will be produced. Both systems act as a hydraulic shock absorber, where the constant impact energy further reduces any recoil to the carrier.

All HS models feature as standard ABF technology, an automatic control system that activates when blank strokes are detected during operation. This prevents stress from being applied to the vital components, increasing the breaker’s lifespan. The longer maintenance intervals characterise these as extremely reliable breakers.


Atlas Copco’s EC 165 T 

hydraulic breaker for larger carriers

The latest addition to Atlas Copco’s range of heavy EC rig-mounted hydraulic breakers is EC 165 T, suitable for carriers in the 35t to 55t weight class. With a weight of 3t, the new EC 165 T offers the same features as the other hydraulic breakers in EC range. 

Atlas Copco’s EC breaker range features hybrid technology. An integrated nitrogen piston accumulator supports constantly high impact energy, safe start-up and smooth operation. The integrated stroke control valve optimizes efficiency, with a combined stroke length and start-up mode-switching valve that allows operators to adjust the breaker mode to the application.

The EC 165 T comes with the energy recovery feature, which automatically uses the piston recoil energy to increase the performance, without additional hydraulic input, and to lower vibrations. The breaker can be equipped with ContiLube II, an optional, self-bleeding automatic continuous lubrication device. 


New MB 1650 hydraulic breaker

Atlas Copco’s MB 1650 is lighter and more compact than its predecessor, the MB 1700, yet gives the same high performance. The new design offers higher reliability, lower repair costs and easier accessibility for maintenance. 

Weighing 1.65t, the MB 1650 is suitable for carriers in the 19t to 32t weight class. A redesigned service window offers improved accessibility, making the attachment more maintenance friendly. With no high-pressure accumulator the MB 1650 costs less to maintain and repair.

Noise and vibration levels on the MB 1650 are minimized by the VibroSilenced Plus system, which uses non-metallic suspension arrangements to isolate the percussion mechanism from the breaker box.  

An optional, patented dust sealing system called DustProtector II will extend component life and reduce grease consumption. The built-in check valve reduces dust intake into the tool guiding area and the percussion chamber.


CobraTM PROi petrol breaker with EFI

Atlas Copco is the first to introduce a petrol breaker with electronic fuel injection technology that offers significant benefits for users. The Cobra PROi provides up to 10% more power at all working speeds, while optimum combustion gives up to 10% savings on fuel consumption. The machine is easy to start in almost any climate or at any altitude, and requires less routine maintenance. The engine control unit wakes up during the first revolutions when the user pulls the starter cord.

An integrated mechanical fuel pump employs a unique system that keeps constant pressure to the regulator without the help of electricity. While standard EFI systems require 3bar pressure in the fuel system, the Cobra PROi’s low pressure EFI injectors require just 0.2bar. This minimises pressure variations and voids in the fuel, ensuring smooth running.

Hand-arm vibration level on three axes is below 4m/s2, and weighing just 24kg, it is no problem to carry around and fits easily in the trunk of a car. 


Promove’ s long-lasting breaking power

At Conexpo, Italian manufacturer Promove showed its latest innovations and features on the Xtreme Performance hammer line, and introduced the demolition attachment line dedicated for the North American Market.

The company’s light range breaker features a patent-pending Smartvalve plug-and-play system. Ideal for rental activities and combined with the hour meter, Smartvalve also protects the hammer from overflow and pressure peak, which also extends the carrier matching range.

Promove’s medium and heavy ranges are known for delivering excellent breaking performance combining productivity and reliability. Standard equipment includes the silenced and reduced vibration case, the anti-blank firing system with no residual blows, and guaranteed low maintenance. 

Promove is growing fast with help of its new North American partner, PowerTrac Machinery, and its North American warehouse that offers 24h spare parts availability. Promove is also expanding its dealer network to better serve all areas.


A time of major 

developments for Indeco

Indeco has been planning the launch of a series of developments across most of its product range, with an eye toward providing users with another boost to productivity and reliability. Indeco has done this with some crucial enhancements, and by launching new products to meet the needs of end-users.

Indeco has upgraded the hydraulic system on its hammers, so that the HP series has now also become fuel saving. All of the hammers in the Indeco HP range will be displaying the FS badge, starting from the five new models: HP 4500, HP 6000, HP 10000, HP 12000 and HP 14000.

Compared with other manufacturers’ models of equivalent weight and performance, Indeco hammers require less oil per minute and lower operating pressure. Lower hydraulic power likewise reduces the engine speed of the carrier, leading to fuel savings of up to 20%, while ensuring optimum performance and maximum productivity. 

This advantage is even clearer when comparing the Indeco hammer with competitors’ gas or gas/oil powered breakers of similar sizes. 


Chicago Pneumatic rolls out new hydraulic breakers

Chicago Pneumatic has launched the RX12 rig-mounted hydraulic breaker for carriers in the 9t to 15t weight class.

Compared with its predecessor model, the RX12 offers a 10% increase in output power, and a 28% increase in impact energy. With a service weight of 625kg, and a tool diameter of 90mm, the RX12 is ideal for a range of light demolition, landscaping, building renovation and road construction applications.

The RX12 features a mono-block design, with the cylinder and tool holder integrated in one piece. This reduces the total number of parts, and eliminates the need for side bolts, to increase overall reliability. The inclusion of a replaceable cylinder sleeve also cuts repair time and costs.

The RX12’s double tool retainer bars ensure optimum working tool guidance, with a one-piece floating wear bush enabling quick and easy field replacement of the working tool. A central lubrication point is available for manual greasing, and an automatic lubrication device called CP-Lube is available.

To lower stress levels for man and machine, the RX12 has a breaker box guidance system that dampens noise and vibration levels. As with all hydraulic breakers in the RX range, the RX12 features gas/oil hybrid technology, an internal control valve, and a power booster mode that reuses wasted recoil energy.


Toku’s large breakers for large results

Toku’s TNB breakers deliver exceptional impact energy, long life, and low operating costs, while also minimizing operator fatigue and negative environmental effects. These benefits are due to a blend of simple design and accumulator free technology. With a range of 15 breakers based on the same design philosophy, TNB breakers are ideal for applications from construction and demolition to rental, recycling, mining, and quarrying.

Because Toku breakers are not sensitive to system back pressure, they can be powered by the wide variety of carriers in the field. With Toku’s side plate and bracket system, one breaker can be moved from one machine to another with a simple pin and bushing change. For example, one hammer will fit a skid steer loader and is then easily moved to a compact excavator. Using a low-pressure nitrogen charge, the Toku breaker cushions every blow, reducing wear and tear on the carrier and adds to operator comfort.

Featuring only two moving parts and few seals, Toku breakers offer more up-time along with simple in the field maintenance. 

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