Breaking new ground at Worthy Down

Published 22/2, 2018 at 12:45

Working on the site since 2015 as part of the Skanska £280 million MOD Wellesley development, Keltbray Remediation has used an innovative remediation technique at Worthy Down near Winchester, UK.

This is being used to minimise environmental impact and cost, reducing the need to export and import large volumes of material for the contract. 

The remediation technique involves materials management of over 60,000 m³ of the excavated construction waste, which is being beneficially reused in non-construction areas on site, such as sports pitches. By reusing the material, the impacted material remains on site, and will be used to help shape parts of the new development. Once the construction arising’s have been engineered in place beneath the sports pitches, it is covered with clean chalk that will form the base for new sports playing fields.

Keltbray Remediation has drawn on expertise from colleagues at Keltbray Environmental Solutions (KES) and Keltbray Plant. Work now commences on the second tranche of three works phases; involving around 100 people working in five site teams until 2020.


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