Case debuts Stage IV-compliant series at Intermat

Published 8/10, 2015 at 10:23

Case Construction Equipment used Intermat to unveil the F series of wheel loaders boasting Hi-eSCR in-house technology, rear mounted engine, Proshift 5-speed transmission and the heavy duty cooling cube.

The F Series complies with EU Stage IV / Tier 4 Final thanks to the Hi-eSCR technology developed by Case’s sister company FPT Industrial. First tried on trucks in 2004, it does not call for a particulate filter or an EGR valve. The design of the cooling system, with five radiators mounted to form a cube ensures a constant flow of fresh, clean air from the sides and the top. This cube structure also provides easy access for effective cleaning. Models up to 20t feature the Proshift 5-speed transmission that enable operators to get most of the machine’s torque. The lock-up results in fuel savings of up to 2l/h and faster cycles compared to conventional transmissions. Productivity is further improved by the rear-mounted engine, which results in a better weight distribution, increasing the bucket payload by up to 15%. The new leather seat protects the driver from multiple shocks and vibrations that occur during operation.

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