Caterpillar launches ultra high reach demolition excavator

Published 23/6, 2016 at 14:06

Caterpillar has introduced the ultra high demolition version of its Cat 340F hydraulic excavator. The Cat 340F UHD is aimed at high-reach demolition work, and has up to 22m of vertical pin height and capable of handling loads up to 3.6t at a 15m horizontal reach. Operating weights range from 44.1t to 50.4t, depending on front end and undercarriage configuration.

The 340F UHD’s long undercarriage of 5.04m of track on the ground is available in both fixed gauge 0f 2.59m and variable gauge of 2.39m to 2.82m. With the boom coupling system, the operator can install and remove high reach or short front components, and a new hydraulic pinning system locks components together. A short boom nose can be positioned in either a bent or straight position and can be fitted with three available stick lengths.

The 340F UHD C9.3 ACERT engine meets EU Stage IV emission standards and has a net power rating of 228kW. The engine has three power modes to assist operators in controlling fuel consumption. An engine speed controller automatically reduces engine speed in light load situations while an auto idle shutdown system stops the engine after a preset idling interval. The implement hydraulic system has a maximum flow of 570litres/min. at a relief pressure of 35000kPa, and in heavy lift mode, system pressure increases to 38000kPa.

In high reach applications, the 340F UHD cab can be tilted back and an enlarged top window offers enhanced upward visibility. The demolition type cab incorporates P5A reinforced windshield and top glass, and parallel wipers keep large glass areas clean. Front and top falling object guards provide added protection. An automatic climate control system maintains consistent cab temperatures, and heated/cooled seats are available. Joystick controllers and armrests adjust for operator preference, and the LCD monitor is programmable in 42 languages.

The Cat active stability monitoring system continuously informs the operator of work tool position within the safe working envelope and provides a warning when stability limits are approached.

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