Caterpillar’s new demolition focus

Published 18/12, 2017 at 14:21

Caterpillar is re-entering the demolition equipment market and recently held a training session for its European dealers, which included a presentation of current demolition techniques by UK demolition consultant John Woodward.

When Caterpillar decided a few years ago to leave the demolition machine arena UK demolition consultant John Woodward from C&D Consultancy, along with many others, was surprised. “However, I understood the reasons, as the joint venture with Demlone was not successful and Caterpillar needed to concentrate on its core products,” said Woodward. So he was very surprised when Caterpillar asked in late 2017 if he would be interested in attending a two day Caterpillar training session for their European dealers, as they were about to re-enter the world demolition industry with the launch of two new machines and dramatically redesigned work tools.

“My brief for the two days, was not just to attend as an interested spectator, but to be fully involved in the launch by presenting a view of current demolition techniques in use throughout Europe,” said Woodward. “Then by facilitating group work with the dealers each day, to try to raise their level of understanding of demolition processes and why clients choose particular types of machines and work tools.”

Woodward commented on the new machines that they are pitched at the right place in the market and should prove to be popular with contractors throughout Europe and beyond.

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