Caterpillar upgrades wheel loaders

Published 29/12, 2016 at 14:49

Caterpillar has upgraded its M Series 926M, 930M and 938M, and K Series 924K, 930K, 938K wheel loaders. A new secondary display module option for all models improves operator interface and navigation, and provides payload management and service options. The touchscreen display has a QWERTY keyboard. The display reduces the information input and eliminates the arrow keys required by previous versions.

The Caterpillar payload management system is now available and confirms to the operator that there is sufficient weight in the bucket before leaving the pile. This gives the operator the ability to place the proper amount of material in the mixer, hopper or truck the first time, every time, reducing the number of cycles.

The payload system allows operators to set target loading weight and monitor the cumulative amount of material loaded, which helps to prevent overloading. A system printer gives operators the ability to print up to three copies of a recorded weight ticket. Using the integrated system site managers can track statistical information, such as material moved and number of trucks loaded with the use of VisionLink.

To increase tyre life tyre pressure monitoring is now an option for the M Series small wheel loader machines. Operators can easily see pressures for each tyre. The system can be configured to provide warnings to dealers through Electronic Technician and the operator through the secondary display if  pressures drop too low or increase too high. Fleet managers can use VisionLink to track pressures and temperature in each machine from a remote location.

The M Series machines are powered by the Cat C7.1 ACERT engine with clean emissions module that requires no operator intervention and avoids work disruption. The operator has the option of selecting standard mode operation that reduces maximum engine speed to 1,600revs/min without compromising peak ground performance, resulting in 5% to 10% fuel savings. Full performance mode operation boosts engine speed to 1,800revs/min for maximum engine power and increased hydraulic speed and power to boost production.

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