Chicago Pneumatic receives landmark order for LED light towers in the Middle East

Published 15/9, 2017 at 10:43

Chicago Pneumatic has secured the sale of 25 of its CPLT V15 LED LED light towers in Kuwait and the first in the Middle East.

Its distributor General Transportation and Equipment Company will supply the light towers for an oilfield construction project being carried out by local contractor M/s. Al-Yousifi Engineering and Construction.

GTE was originally asked to provide metal halide light towers. However, due to the time and cost-sensitive nature of the development, GTE advised to consider more modern and efficient LED models. “The CPLT V15 LED is highly efficient, making it ideal for projects requiring a large number of light towers,” said GTE equipment sales manager Ejazul Hassan. “With this model, users can save on both fuel and maintenance costs. For instance, the LED’s lifespan is 30,000h, compared to 6,000h provided by a metal halide bulb. This means the CPLT V15 LED’s bulbs don’t need to be replaced for approximately three years.”

Because of the harsh conditions that the light towers are likely to encounter, the CPLT V15 LED features a Polyethylene canopy that protects vital internal components. This ensures peak performance and optimises the light tower’s lifespan and resale value. Not only is the canopy durable, it also features wide wing doors to allow easy maintenance access to the machine. 

In demanding conditions, the CPLT V15 LED enhances safety via its four heavy-duty stabilisers and level indicator. The light tower’s compact and lightweight design makes it easy to move to or around site. It can also be transported with the mast in the vertical position.

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