Chicago Pneumatic supports drilling

Published 29/12, 2016 at 16:17

Chicago Pneumatic skid mounted air compressors are playing a key role in new blast hole drilling machines being used for overburden removal in the coal fields of central India.

M/s BGR Mining (P) and Infra Pvt, one of the biggest mining contractors in Hyderabad, with a fleet of 1600 dumpers, 200 excavators and 200 supporting vehicles, ordered 10 CPS 1100/300 high pressure compressors, each forming part of a machine for blast hole drilling.

The compressors are mounted on a crawler excavator in place of the normal counterweight and the drill mast mounted on the excavator boom. This arrangement enables the drilling machine to reach areas with difficult or limited accessibility. The rate of drilling with the CPS 1100/300 is approximately 100m/h for overburden drilling against conventional water well drilling rigs, which typically deliver around 72m/h.

“Chicago Pneumatic air compressors are the preferred choice for us because of the performance and the fact it is an international brand with proven quality,” said M/s BGR Mining and Infra Pvt general manager K.A. Udaya Kumar. “With the increased performance of the supplied equipment, we may see further opportunities open up in the mining industry.”

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