Cobra’s new buckets

Published 18/12, 2017 at 15:22

Finnish manufacturer of screening buckets, Cernos, has launched two new Cobra screening buckets in their S series, adapted for small machines.

The latest Cobra S 3A900 is for excavators over 10t and wheel loaders over 3t and S 3A1500 for excavators over 14t and wheel loaders over 5.5t. The new models of the S-series were shown at the Maxpo exhibition in Hyvinkää, Finland this year together with other new generation models.

Cernos acquired the ownership of Cobra screening buckets from the FMG Group. The acquisition provided opportunity to introduce Cobra screening buckets to a wider audience and to develop the products further. Full range of Cobra new generation screening buckets was launched during spring 2017 with a new design and many new features, but still honouring the Cobra tradition and well-functioned base solution. 

Cobra screening buckets are available in sizes between 0.2m3 to 4.4m3 and can be fitted to any excavator, wheel loader or skid steer. All new generation models can be ordered with an integrated dust binding system. Also Classic models are still in production. The original dark green colour made come back to Cobra screening buckets, which makes them easy to recognise. The first Cobra screening bucket was made in 1993 and is still in use.

Cobra screening buckets are basic tools for screening and blending soils or other materials, recycling and material handling. Cobra screening buckets are designed for screening, separating, mixing, shredding, crushing and composting of various materials. With Cobra screening buckets construction or industrial waste be recycled on-site. Some waste can also be separated and reprocessed to be used in energy production. This keeps the material out of landfill, saves in transportation costs and reduces environmental impact.



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