Published 10/7, 2017 at 12:05

Many new excavators have been introduced in the past year. PDi editor Jim Parsons reviews. Case Construction Equipment’s new C Series mini excavator line consists of six models ranging from 1.7t to 6t and will be further extended during 2017 resulting from the brand’s alliance with HHI.

The new C Series delivers more reliability, more productivity and safety features. They are designed for performance and reliability, with components sourced from Japanese suppliers. The proven engines and hydraulic systems deliver more power, raising the machines’ performance. Five of the six new models comply with Tier 4 Final emission standards.

The new mini-excavators are loaded with features that will make the operator’s work easier, more comfortable, and more productive. They include the new digital cluster that provides information and warning lights, the standard engine start limitation anti-theft system, the hydraulic quick coupler for fast attachment changes, the electric refuel pump, and many more.

Safety features include ROPS, TOPS and FOPS compliance, emergency stop switch, travel alarm, and object handling kit. The safety valves prevent loads from slipping in case of hose failure. The pilot system with accumulator enables the operator to put the attachment down safely even when the engine is off. The double flange rollers minimise the risk of detracking and improve stability. The all-around visibility and rear view camera enhance safety.

Customers looking for machines to work in confined spaces, the CX17C and CX18C offer the solution. Both feature hydraulically retractable tracks with inner routing of hydraulic hoses. When the tracks are retracted, the machines are less than 1m wide. The CX17C features a ZTS design, which ensures there is no risk of hitting an obstacle with the back of the machine when swinging.

The CX17C and CX18C’s hydraulic flow delivers outstanding digging efficiency, 5% higher than the previous models, and fast cycles. The auto shift down function on the CX17C, which optimizes traction and speed and the joystick controlled auxiliary hydraulics, enable the operator to get the job done faster. The operator station offers high comfort, with smooth pilot controls, ergonomically placed joysticks, adjustable wrist rests and a suspension seat as standard.

The 2.6t CX26C and 3.7t CX37C are available with a choice of long and short arms, which deliver a maximum dig depth of 2,645mm and 2,420mm respectively for the CX26C, and 3,440mm and 3,135mm respectively for the CX37C. 

These two models come with an offering of features. In addition to the choice of arm length, they are available with additional counterweights and rubber tracks. Steel tracks are also available on the CX37C.

The standard equipment includes an emergency stop switch, pilot system with accumulator, two-speed travel with auto shift-down system, a foldable boom swing pedal, anti-theft system, centralised greasing inlet and waterproof digital instrument cluster. The first and second joystick controlled auxiliary hydraulics makes it possible to use a wide variety of attachments.

Topping the C Series range are the CX57C and CX60C, which stand out for their best-in-class engine power and lifting capacity and comfort features. These include factory readiness to accommodate the latest technologies that make the operator’s job easier. 

The spacious cab with ample legroom, together with the ergonomic seating and control layout, fully adjustable, heated seat, multiple storage compartments, and sunshades, make for an extremely comfortable operator station. The quiet operation and low vibrations, resulting from the cab being mounted on silent blocks, add to the operator’s comfort and fatigue-free workday. The standard auto-idle further reduces the noise when the machine is not working.

The 5.7t and 6.0t models feature an instrument cluster with a multi-colour, 145mm LCD touchscreen. The convenient hands-free system with USB and AUX ports, SD card reader and 12V power outlet make it easy to integrate most modern mobile devices.


Kubota’s new KX033-4 compact excavator 

The Kubota Tractor Corporation has announced the KX033-4 compact excavator. The KX033-4 is powered by a18.5kW Kubota direct injection Tier 4 Final certified engine. Adjustable auxiliary hydraulics allow the operator to program up to five different oil flow rates, controlled from a digital control panel. It has a breakout force of 3.7t and a digging depth of 3.2m. 

The KX033-4 has a new control panel with five adjustable presets for precise flow control for the attachment and task at hand. The auxiliary hydraulic circuit is capable of a maximum oil flow of 60litres/min to power a variety of auxiliary attachments. 

The standard third-line hydraulic return system allows oil to return directly back to the tank without flowing through control valves. This results in less back-pressure, less heat, and greater efficiency. An accumulator clears residual pressure, allowing for easier attachment changes and helping lower front attachments even when the engine is turned off. A standard float function allows for clean-up and back dragging. 

The KX033-4’s low centre of gravity and double flanged track rollers also contribute to safe and efficient operation. The engine speed may be set to automatically idle when KX033-4 control levers are in neutral for more than 4s, resulting in increased fuel efficiency and lower noise and emissions. A swivel negative brake and travel negative brake automatically lock the swivel function and tracks, respectively, to prevent unexpected machine movement.

The KX033-4 operator station features Kubota ergonomics that simplify routine excavating operations. The high-back suspension seat provides maximum operator comfort, including weight compensation and adjustable wrist supports. A wider digital display panel with push button operation allows for easy monitoring of critical controls.

The Aux1 operation switch is located on the right joystick control lever. Dozing operations are made faster and easier with a two-speed travel switch on the dozer lever. The KX033-4 automatically shifts from high to low when needed in heavy dozing applications. As the load becomes less, the excavator will automatically shift back to the higher speed. A larger cup holder may hold a beverage, or a cell phone and a charging port is included. A ROPS/OPG canopy is standard. The optional cab includes air conditioning, more foot space with a wider door, and a gas-assist mechanism that makes it easy to open the front window.


Hyundai introduces new model in 9A series 

Hyundai’s new R30Z-9AK is a 3t class model that features a zero-tail swing design for working in confined spaces. The R30Z-9AK excavator is powered by a Kubota engine delivering 17.3kW. Its maximum digging depth is 2,490mm, and maximum digging reach is 4,648mm. Bucket breakout force is 20.1kN. Configured with a canopy, the R30Z-9AK has an operating weight of 2.89t. When specified with an optional cab, the machine’s operating weight is 3t. Standard bucket capacity is .076m3

An innovative hydraulic system makes the 9A series fast, smooth and easy to control. Each model includes boom swing capability, enabling the operator to offset the boom 75° to the left and 50° to the right, which allows for close work alongside structures, especially in congested areas.

The spacious, ergonomically designed cab reduces noise and increases comfort and visibility. A tilting left side console makes it easier for the operator to enter and exit the cab, and the left and right control levers are located for convenient access. The optional lever pattern change valve allows joystick control to be changed from SAE to ISO pattern. Button selections are provided for auto idle mode, max power mode and travel speed.

An adjustable suspension seat and plenty of space help reduce operator stress and fatigue. The cabs on the Hyundai 9A series machines are all TOPS, ROPS and FOPS certified. Other safety features include optional boom and arm cylinder locks, and an optional overload alarm.

Enhanced reliability features on the 9A series compact excavators include bushings designed for long-life lube intervals, wear-resistant and noise-reducing polymer shims, and integrated preheating systems, which extend service intervals and reduce machine downtime. Serviceability enhancements include wide-opening engine hoods, centralized grease fittings and easy change plastic air cleaners. 


Meet the John Deere 30G 

John Deere continues to upgrade its G-Series excavator line with the introduction of the 30G compact excavator, filling a gap for customers looking for a solution in the 3t to 4t class. This new model will offer numerous performance features, such as increased lift capacity and improved breakout forces. The 30G will also incorporate all current G-Series features, including the standard pattern changer and standard hand-controlled proportional auxiliary hydraulics.

The 30G is an updated model to the 27D with similar, albeit improved operation specifications and features. Along with a 2,774mm dig depth, they include a 22% increase in bucket force, an 11% increase in arm force, and a 17% increase in net engine horsepower.

The 30G is equipped with all the standard G-Series features, including mechanical pattern changers, quick couplers and proportional auxiliary hydraulics plumbed to the end of the boom. The new model features a redesigned cab with heat and air-conditioning in any climate. Within the operator station, a new seat with adjustable wrist rests for daylong comfort was added, and a suspension seat is standard. The foldable travel pedals provide efficient operation by maximizing foot room and providing low-effort pilot controls that deliver smooth performance.

Like other G-Series models, the 30G has several features for increased uptime. John Deere included a third service door for improved access to the cooling core and other daily checkpoints. The side-by-side cores are positioned to permit easier access. Extended fluid and lubrication intervals and sight gauges help keep maintenance to a minimum. 


Bobcat launches new E17Z ZTS excavator

Bobcat has launched the1.7t E17Z zero tail swing canopy model, completing the company’s 1t-2t range of compact excavators. 

In the new E17Z, the zero tail swing functionality is taken a level further using Bobcat’s zero house swing design, in which the front upper structure is also protected by ensuring the front corners are kept within the swing circle when the tracks are in the fully expanded position. As a result, the zero house swing functionality provides 320° of free rotation.

The uncompromised operator environment on the E17Z in combination with excellent visibility provides unmatched operator comfort and safety. The E17Z is built around the operator, providing optimum ergonomics for operators of all sizes with easy access to the pedals and controls. The large canopy and access provide the driver with plenty of room to get into and out of the operator’s seat. In addition, when not in use, the pedals can be folded away to increase room for the operator’s feet.  

The E17Z has a standard operating weight of 1,749kg, and a maximum digging depth of 2,249mm. Fast cycle times, combined with smooth control of breakout forces, provide maximum productivity. Boom and arm cylinder cushioning enhance the overall smoothness of the workgroup. The E17Z incorporates the architecture of the hydraulic system on the larger Bobcat E20 model with a combination of variable piston pumps and a gear pump. 

With a transport weight of less than 1.65t, the E17Z is towable on trailers for 2,200kg of total weight.  An automatic slew brake helps facilitate safe parking and transportation. 

The control panel ensures all vital information is easily accessible by the operator. The E17Z also offers keyless ignition and a battery kill switch to help prevent battery drain when storing the machine as well providing an effective way to prevent theft.  

The dump height on the E17Z allows it to load trucks easily, while the reach at ground level means the machine does not need to be repositioned as often when digging. When fully retracted, the undercarriage allows the excavator to go through narrow spaces; and when fully expanded, provides stability, especially when working over the side. Expansion and retraction is a simple process via an electric switch on the control panel.  

Stability is achieved by fully expanding the retractable undercarriage and using the optional long dozer blade. As well as helping in dustpanning work, the dozer blade improves the front stability enabling the operator to use the full breakout forces. As standard, the E17Z has easy-to-operate blade extensions. 

The E17Z is ideally suited to picking up and placing heavy items with safety. In addition it can be supplied with an optional object handling device, which consists of a boom load holding valve, arm load holding valve, hooking device, and overload warning device. 


Also from Bobcat, new quick 

coupler for E25 to E55 excavators

Doosan Bobcat EMEA has extended its excavator quick coupler offering with the new hydraulic pin grabber coupler for attachments used on the seven Bobcat compact excavators from the E25 up to the E55 models. The new coupler is available as a factory-installed option, and as an aftermarket product for use with all the pin-on fitting attachments for the E25 to E55 excavators. The new quick coupler complements the existing full range of mechanical couplers from Bobcat, including Klac and Lehnhoff systems.

Key features and benefits include its triple lock design for greater safety, exceeding the ISO 13031 norm and complying with all safety standards in Europe and the UK. There is a wide variable pin centre, to pick up multiple pin-on attachments. A robust, compact design ensures maximum breakout force and the system is essentially maintenance free, with few components. Springs are activated in case of pressure loss to avoid any risk and reversibility is standard when the job requires.

Important aspects include the increased safety and compliancy offered by a hydraulic pin grab coupler, which enables the operator to rapidly and safely change between non-hydraulic attachments from the comfort of the cab. The pins are under constant pressure from the hydraulic cylinder ensuring the attachment is tightly gripped, even when there has been pin wear. In the unlikely event of a hydraulic cylinder failure or hydraulic pressure loss, the attachment will remain securely connected thanks to two powerful springs. Front and rear locks ensure the attachment remains in position at all times. The operator can change non-hydraulic attachments without leaving the seat. 

The proven and tested design has no greasing requirements and very few moving parts with no maintenance requirements, other than the daily inspection. 


Doosan launches new DX10Z mini-excavator

Doosan’s new DX10Z zero tail swing mini-excavator is compact and easy to transport with a width of 710mm when the tracks and the front blade are fully retracted, allowing the machine to pass through most doors. A foldable TOPS canopy meeting ISO 12117 requirements is standard.  

The integral sliding blade extensions eliminate loose parts that require storage space and can be easily lost. The blade extensions can be slid into their inner position to reduce the overall width.

Thanks to the design of the undercarriage, the DX10Z provides excellent lifting capacities, combined with a maximum digging depth of 1.82m, and a machine weight of 1,176kg. 

The position of the joystick controls can be adjusted to suit different operators. Both left and right consoles, which serve as armrests, need to be lowered and locked in order to operate the machine. Thanks to a standard second speed range, the DX10Z can move quickly and work faster and more efficiently. 

The hydraulically expandable undercarriage provides the DX10Z with one of the widest stances in the mini-excavator segment. When it is extended, the width of the square footprint becomes 1.1m. 

As a zero tail swing mini-excavator, the offset tail swing provides the operator with confidence to concentrate on the job at hand. The use of metal covers and a large cast counterweight provide corner protection and durability.

The workgroup of the DX10Z excavator features a cylinder-over-boom design, so that the cylinder cannot be damaged and the hoses for the auxiliary hydraulics are routed inside the boom.

Particular attention has been made to ensure easy service access. There is a single access point for daily maintenance, checking the fuel gauge and refuelling through the lockable cap.

The DX10Z is powered by a Kubota D722 engine with a claimed best in class cooling system. When the machine is frequently used with a hydraulic breaker, the demolition kit provides extra cooling so the breaker can be used continuously, even in warm environments. This is believed to be unique in the market, and makes this model ideal for indoor demolition projects.


Also from Doosan, 

the new DX17Z mini-excavator

The new 1.7t DX17Z mini-excavator from Doosan is ideal for rental and urban construction sites with limited space. The machine’s ZHS design offers easy transportability and more functionality than a ZTS mini-excavator, as ZHS fully protects the front upper structure corners within the swing circle. As a result, ZHS functionality provides 320° of free rotation while working close to any object.

The stability of the Doosan DX17Z is enhanced by a retractable undercarriage that allows the excavator to go through narrow spaces. When fully expanded, undercarriage provides optimum stability, especially when working over the side. Expansion and retraction are simple and easy via an electric switch on the control panel.

An optional long dozer blade also significantly improves front stability, enabling the operator to make full use of the breakout forces the DX17Z can deliver.

The superior dumping height of the DX17Z makes loading trucks an easy process, while the reach at ground level means the operator does not have to reposition the excavator as often as other machines when digging.

Incorporating the architecture of a 2t class hydraulic system, with a combination of variable piston pumps and a gear pump, the DX17Z’s unique hydraulic system makes the best possible use of the engine’s power. Fast cycle times, combined with smooth control of class-leading breakout forces, provide maximum productivity. Boom and arm cylinder cushioning – also unique in this machine class – enhance the overall smoothness of the workgroup. 

Comparing favourably with larger excavators, the DX17Z provides superior operator comfort for working hours at a time with protection, cover and excellent visibility provided by a large and spacious canopy; easy entry and exit; convenient space for the operator’s feet with ergonomic fold-away pedals; a flat floor for easy cleaning; smooth joysticks; access to all controls and cup holders.

The control panel makes it easy for the operator to access all information: auto engine shutdown, auto glow plugs countdown, auto cab lights switch-off, audible alarm and engine speed. A battery kill switch helps prevent battery drain when storing, and is an effective way to prevent theft. An automatic slew brake ensures safe parking and transportation.

The DX17Z has a standard operating weight of 1,749kg and a maximum digging depth of 2,249mm. The heavy steel gauge covers and tailgate provide durability and peace of mind while working. Features include two-piece blade cylinder hoses, wrenchless hydraulic hose technology to help prevent leakage, proven boom and dipper-stick design, protected top-mounted boom cylinder; oversized cylinders, a new paint and surface treatment process and extra residual value and a reinforced expandable undercarriage to maximize rigidity.

Thanks to the large steel tailgate and side cover, all components for daily maintenance are easy to access. Daily maintenance and service points are located for easy and immediate access. The side-by-side coolers are easy to clean. Simple diagnostics are used on the DX17Z, with error codes displayed on the control panel and service tool connection. The floor panels can also be removed rapidly for service purposes.


Caterpillar’s new 

CAT 300.9D VPS mini-excavator

Caterpillar has added the model 300.9D versatile power system to the range of mini-hydraulic excavators. The design of the 300.9D VPS allows the machine, in conjunction with its separate hydraulic power unit, to work with its diesel engine or from a remote electrical power source, with no loss of performance. Having an electrical drive system remote from the machine enhances utilization and rental options. The 300.9D VPS can be used alone for regular applications, or with the hydraulic power unit when the job requires low noise and zero emission. 


Wacker Neuson’s new excavators

Wacker Neuson’s latest generation of excavators offer cutting-edge performance in a very compact package. The machines are significantly stronger and have gained some weight compared to the previous models while fitting in a smaller envelope. The ET65 and ET90 compact track excavators were designed with users’ daily challenges as the focus. 

The 6.5t ET65 offers a breakout force of 50.7kN, and a maximum digging depth of 4.2m with the long dipper stick. The ET65 is powered by a 35.8kW Tier 4 Final, turbo-charged Perkins engine.

The 9t ET90 is powered by a 55kW Tier 4 Final, turbo-charged Deutz engine. It has a breakout force of 70.4kN, and a maximum digging depth of 4.6m with a long dipperstick.

Both models’ engines offer up to 20% fuel savings. The three-point bucket linkage along with the 200° expanded angle of rotation offers a claimed best-in-class breakout force. With this linkage system and optimum angle of rotation, the ET65 and ET90 provide more power for digging in tough conditions and can rotate further to keep the load more secure in the bucket before dumping.

With a lower centre of gravity and significantly reduced dimensions, the ET65 and ET90 can reach areas these size excavators could not reach before. The new design also has improved visibility of the unit and the work area. A low-profile engine compartment and larger windows allow the operator to have a view of both sides of the machine. The boom has been shifted to the right so the operator can easily see the entire boom and attachment, as well as the entire job. 

The ET65 and ET90 have new cabs with standard air conditioning, cell phone charger and holder, air-cushioned seat and controls easy to use and read. Standard features include a hydraulic quick attachment making changes simple. A standard diverter valve on the auxiliary hydraulic line allows to switch between hydraulic thumb and a hydraulic breaker without disconnecting hoses.


New excavators from Gehl 

The all-new Gehl M08, 0.8t excavator, provides a compact solution for rental fleets, utility contractors, and municipalities. Narrow enough to fit into small spaces, the M08 is available with a full-line of attachments including augers, breakers, buckets and compaction plates.

Also new is the Gehl M100, a 10t unit with a dig depth of 4.5m. The minimal-tail swing of the M100 will go 60° in either direction allowing the machine to remain in place for more consistent digging. This unit is also an alternative for application using a standard backhoe loader.

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