Conjet’s new interface, color display and remote control box

Published 27/12, 2018 at 10:54

Conjet is having a sneak preview of their new interface, color display and remote control box before the official release at World of Concrete in Las Vegas, USA.

At the port of Värtahamnen in Stockholm, Sweden, the hydrodemolition contractor Waterjet Entreprenad is renovating the quays. For the work they are among others using the Conjet hydrodemolition robots 367 and 557. The manufacturer Conjet is also taking the opportunity to have Waterjet Entreprenad test their new interface as well as their new remote control box with color display.

The new interface is developed for work at a safe distance. You operate the robot through the interface on the robot or on the remote control box. They are identical.

The interface consists of two separate parts, one focused on operation and the other focused on service. The settings are easy to reach with just a push of a button.

The display located on the robot is a 7’’ color screen with a resolution of 800 x 480 px. One of the most important updates is that you maneuver between controls and options using a rotary encoder. The color display will be available on all of Conjet’s 7 series robots.

The remote control box, Conjet Color Display, is equipped with a 4,3’’ LCD color display with 2 mm thick, protective Gorilla glass and a resolution of 480 x 272 px. It utilizes the surrounding light to give a sharp and clear image in more difficult environments. The technology is developed to be electricity-saving.

“We have focused on simplicity as well as a steep learning curve during all phases of development. We want anybody to be able to understand how the robot works and how to use it, but without compromising safety”, says Conny Tångring, Service Manager at Conjet. “A built-in guide shows the user how the robot is controlled and set up so that even inexperienced users can work safely.”

With the Conjet Color Display the user is able to steer and control every aspect of hydrodemolition at a safe distance. The operator don’t need to be close to the robot during operation.

Conjet’s new interface, color display and remote control box will be presented at World of Concrete in Las Vegas, USA, in January 2019. Conjet will exhibit in booth C4030.

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