Core drilling made EZ

Published 19/4, 2016 at 12:04

The US company US Saws has introduced the Core EZ, a new way of core drilling. The entire unit and a selection of bits up to 200mm fit into a wheeled case that weighs under 23kg. The Core EZ drills holes from 75mm to 250mm diameter with ease.

Some of the benefits with Core EZ is the easy use because it is light and always drills straight. The entire unit is mounted on a central guide shaft rigidly anchored to the material to be cored and will easily hold a person’s weight. The system is also easy to use as the drag on the bit is reduced to almost zero and all the power goes to cutting concrete and the steel rebar. The bit walls do not wear out and thin segments can be used. A long life clutch protects the operator. It is easy to use because the reduced drag allows higher speed and less load on the operator and the bit starts without vibration.

The system holds the core when drilling vertically and pushes the core out when drilling is completed. Core EZ has also a benefit because the anchor for the system is in the middle of the hole eliminating damage to the wall and drilling straight and no offsets to measure. It is easy to assemble into position, even in confined spaces, and can be assembled in manageable pieces onto the rock solid guide post. A video is available of the Core EZ at

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