CORIMAG at Steinexpo

Published 15/9, 2017 at 11:58

At Steinexpo Corimag presented for the German market its KCB-02 device for changing the wear bushing on hydraulic breakers.

With this patent pending equipment, the downtime of the breaker is reduced from two days to about 1h. This tool can remove and replace the bush on site without dismantling and without moving the hammer. The KBC-02 is suitable for all brands of breakers from 500kg up to 10t. 

Corimag also displayed the anti-seizure and low grip bushing for hydraulic breakers. These special bushings are mainly used for heavy hydraulic breakers and offer several advantages, including reduction of the friction between the tool and the bushing; reduction of the temperature with improved performance of the grease; increased efficiency of the breaker; almost complete elimination of seizures and drastic reduction of breakages due to leverages. 

Corimag also exhibited tools and special demolition tools for hydraulic breakers.

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