CS Unitec expands

Published 22/4, 2016 at 16:19

In the US portable tool manufacturer CS Unitec has added several new products to its comprehensive range of equipment.

EBS 235 Walk-Behind Floor Grinder

CS Unitec’s new walk-behind floor grinder with dust extraction removes epoxy, paint and other hard coatings from large surfaces before new paint or coatings are applied. The EBS 235 has a 23.7A/110V motor and a no-load speed of 1,700revs/min.

The EBS 235’s dust extraction port and brush shield allow for dust-free grinding when attached to an industrial vacuum system. It is possible to grind directly to the edge of the work area by removing the side portion of the dust guard, increasing maximum depth and coverage. The EBS 235 is designed with vibration reduction technology and features a height-adjustable chassis and floor-guiding device. Weighing 38kg, the grinder includes an additional handle. Interchangeable diamond and PCD inserts are available for a variety of applications. 


EHD 2000 S Core Drill

The hand-held EHD 2000 S diamond core drill is to drill anchor holes or through holes. The two-speed gearbox and 13.6A motor provide the optimum speed up to 2,000revs/min to drill holes up to 150mm diameter in internal brick, brickwork, blockwork, soft concrete and other abrasive materials. Features include electronic soft start, temperature control and overcurrent cut-off.  The safety slip clutch prevents jamming.

The drill can be coupled to an industrial HEPA dust collection vacuum such as the CS Unitec CS 1445 H to reduce airborne dust.  The EHD 2000 S is supplied with an M18 male spindle, a 5/8” x 11 UNC adapter and a carrying case.


ETN 162/3 Diamond Core Drill

The ETN 162/3 PSV diamond core drill is ideal for wet drilling of holes up to 162mm diameter in concrete, reinforced concrete, natural stone and asphalt; and dry drilling up to 200mm in brick and block. Supplied with the BST 162 V stand and a vacuum pump, the drill is fully adjustable up to 45°. A quick-change mount allows quick and easy switching from stand-mounted to hand-held operation. The 19A/110 Volt motor has electronic torque limitation and speed control even under load. The safety slip clutch prevents jamming.

A water swivel is in the spindle for wet drilling, when required. For concrete dust extraction while dry drilling, the ETN 162/3 PSV can be connected to a vacuum with a standard hose connection. Optional accessories include a portable water tank, water collection ring kit and Unicore diamond core bits.


PLD 450 B Electric Core Drill Motor

The PLD 450 B core drill motor is for wet drilling up to 457mm diameter holes in concrete, reinforced concrete, asphalt and natural stone. Weighing 12.7kg it has a 30A/110V high-torque motor and a three-speed gearbox with drilling speeds of 190, 400 or 840revs/min. The PLD 450 B features soft start and overload protection and have a mechanical slip clutch in case of jamming. A dovetail slide mount holder connects the motor to the core drill stand. Optional core drill bits and stands are available.


TFP 200 Floor Scarifier

The TFP 200 floor scarifier, powered by a 4.1kW Honda GX160 engine, removes coatings and corrosion from concrete and steel surfaces, roughens concrete and creates a keyed or grooved profile for waterproofing and non-slip surface applications. 

The TFP 200 has a 200mm cutting width and 3mm cutting depth/pass. Depth control enables removal of surface materials without damaging the substrate, maximizing performance and extending cutter life. Other features include a fully adjustable handlebar, integrated vacuum connection and hold-to-run handle.

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