Curtain sprayer from Hydraram

Published 15/9, 2017 at 12:30

A Hydraram HDS multi nozzle spray cannon produces a fine mist curtain that binds with dust and odour particles in the air. These bound particles then fall to the ground, effectively washing the air.

The systems are claimed to be more effective and durable than traditional systems, because less water is needed and consumed. The problem with sludge on site and muddy machinery or vehicles is removed with the Hydraram. A Hydraram cannon provides a better impression on clients, such as local authorities and environmental agencies. A better working environment can also be created for site employees because all dust and odour is removed.

The Hydraram HDS-series spray cannon can be used on all applications where dust and odour needs to be eliminated, such as dusty demolition sites, road construction sites, crushing plants, cement plants, steel plants, transfer stations, landfills and much more.

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