Customer loyalty for Trevi Benne in Sweden

Published 3/7, 2018 at 12:24

The Swedish demolition contractor Remoove Demolering AB is based in Asmundtorp, and was founded in 1997, today having annual turnover of some €3M.

The company is a subsidiary of the concrete cutting company Håltagarna i Skåne Aktiebolag, and employs around 20 people, using roughly 20 demolition excavators. Its core business is demolition and decontamination, with the company working mainly in the southern parts of Sweden, although it also takes on jobs in other parts of Sweden and in Denmark. 

Recently Remoove was hired to demolish a dairy plant in the city of Bjuv, close to Helsingborg. After demolition, the former factory space is set to be redeveloped for residential construction. The crushed and recycled debris resulting from the work will be used as filling material for the new building complex, with the former dairy containing some 13,000t (7,500m3) of concrete, with a further 1,000t of steel being extracted. The highest point of the building was 22m which required high reach demolition equipment to be used.

Remoove used for the demolition work a Caterpillar 324E equipped with a new demolition shear from Trevi Benne, the CS 30RS (3t), and a Volvo excavator EC300D equipped with a Trevi Benne Multi Kit MK25 (3.25t) with a shear kit. Additionally, the company also used other attachments from Trevi Benne, including an F 21P pulveriser (2.1t), the HC 20 (2.1t) primary crusher, the selector grapples PMG 15S (1.6t) and PMG 20S (2.1t). For demolishing the tallest parts of the factory, Remoove used a Kocurek attachment fitted to a high reach Volvo EC 460 excavator.

Remoove has experienced sound development and is growing fast. Over the last few years a lot of equipment has been purchased from Trevi Benne through its Swedish distributor Andersen Contractor AB. Andersen Contractor has been the supplier of Trevi Benne equipment in Sweden for over 20 years since being founded by Svend M. Andersen. The owner of Remoove, and also of Håltagarna i Skåne, Erik Östlund, has long used Trevi Benne equipment, proving to be an extremely loyal customer.


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