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Published 29/12, 2016 at 16:02

Diamond consumables are the bread and butter of the concrete sawing and surface preparation industries. Choosing a tool that would fit a job’s specific requirements is paramount and the choice keeps growing every year. Andrei Bushmarin reviews some of the latest additions in the diamond tooling sector.

Shinhan Diamond launches ARIX G3 tools 

Korea-based Shinhan is one of the world’s major trendsetters in positioned diamond technologies. Although many players offer positioned diamond tools, it is the brand name Arix that is synonymous with this technology.

In 2015, Shinhan marketed the third generation of Arix diamond consumables. Due to an improved diamond dispersion technology, the G3 tools boast 30% higher cutting speed and 20% longer service life compared to the forerunning G1 and G2 consumables.

Another advantage of the G3 series is its suitability for a wide range of applications. Virtually any concrete and stone cutting and drilling task can be performed with these tools. The new range features a sleek design. Following a year of testing, the G3 tools are now available in Korea and international markets.


Ehwa Diamond expands the Zenesis range

Shinhan’s closest rival from Korea, Ehwa Diamond has introduced a new family of positioned diamond tools under the brand name of Zenesis Edition-R. The new series features a triangular structure and multi-diamond layers to control the exact time of diamond exposure, as well as the number of diamonds on the cut for uniform wear and optimum sawing performance. According to the manufacturer, field-test results have confirmed high cutting speed and long tool life on heavily reinforced concrete and other materials. Apart from the laser-welded blades for floor, wall and hand-held sawing, the Zenesis Edition-R series also includes core bits.


Diatop retains its focus on surface preparation

Diatop Sama is a family-owned company from Korea that has been manufacturing diamond consumables for 21 years. Having started with conventional tools like diamond blades, 12 years ago it diversified into surface preparation. Now tools for floor grinding and polishing account for 40% of the company’s turnover, with the US and France currently Diatop’s biggest markets.

The company recently launched three new products in its surface preparation range. The three-step resin disc for concrete polishing saves time and labour costs by skipping three or four steps of the polishing process. Thanks to an unusually high rim, 15mm instead of 10mm, the new disc boasts longer service life. Also new from Diatop is its super transitional disc. Designed for removal of scratches left by metal diamonds, it ensures a smooth transition from metal job to resin job. Last is the DiaShine R floor polishing pads. Suitable for concrete, terrazzo and stone floors, they ensure fast and sharp grinding and polishing thanks to a new formula resin bond.


Au Tour Du Béton unveils a new PCD grinding wheel

The latest product from France-based surface preparation specialist Au Tour Du Béton is a new PCD grinding wheel. Designed to remove paints, glues and tough resins, the grinding wheel is 125mm in diameter and comes with quarter round PCD split segments. More aggressive than diamond consumables, it still leaves fewer scratches than a conventional PCD tool.

Au Tour Du Béton manufactures grinding wheels on demand at its facilities in Brittany. It also offers a large selection of conventional PCD tools: square, round, half round, PCDs with cutting depths matching customers’ specific requirements. The service of re-tipping of used PCD wings, plates and rings with new PCD bits is also available.


Kern-Deudiam completes its “Made in Germany“ range

With a track record of 40 years, the German manufacturer Kern-Deudiam is well on its way towards building a comprehensive range of diamond consumables under the brand name ‘Made in Germany’. The latest addition is the WB-LL line of wall saw blades.

Thanks to the use of special powders and diamond grit rearrangement, the new blades retain almost the same cutting speed as the proven Luxor line, but offer up to 50% improvement in life. Due to this quality, the manufacturer expects the new blades to be particularly popular in developing economies where speed is less important because of lower labour costs.


Husqvarna rethinks its strategy in diamond consumables

Husqvarna Construction Products has updated its range of diamond consumables to make it more user friendly. They have been divided into the three quality levels, gold, silver and bronze, to cover angle grinders, power cutters, low-powered floor saws, tile and masonry saws and drill motors and to fit different types of materials, such as tiles, concrete, asphalt and natural stone.

The packaging was also redesigned using recyclable PET clam-shelves to increase visibility in shops and communicate in a better way the application of a tool. The new range is already available in Europe, with Husqvarna reporting a very positive customer feedback. The company is now preparing for a global launch.


Omnivore blade, a tool for a multitude of cutting tasks

The Omnivore blade from the US-based supplier World Diamond Source is designed for an unlimited range of sawing applications. It can be used for cutting any metal including cast iron and steel rebar, ductile iron and other types of piping and any type of concrete, hence the name Ominvore.

The blade features a layer of abrasive on its sidewall for bevelling edges, if needed and can be used in both dry and wet cutting. According to the company, the blade has a combination of high cutting speed and long service life. Unlike abrasive blades, the Ominvore maintains a consistent cutting depth throughout its life.


New products from Tyrolit Hydrostress

In 2016, the Austrian-Swiss manufacturer Tyrolit Hydrostress extended its range of diamond consumables. In the core bit segment it launched the CD 640/ 660/ 840*** series featuring the premium quality segments with a smart segment geometry for increased drilling speed and long life.

Also new is the WSE81***range of silent wall saw blades. According to the manufacturer, the blades are 50% less noisy than conventional diamond discs. Manufactured by Tyrolit’s in-house positioned diamond technology TGD, the WSE81***come equipped with segments varying in width from 3.9mm to 4.4mm to suit different applications.

The company’s surface preparation portfolio has also been expanded to include several new types of grinding wheels and a new model of brick grinding ring.

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