D-Drill assists in strengthening aquaduct

Published 15/9, 2017 at 11:06

The UK diamond drilling and sawing contractor D-Drill has played a key role in the preservation of the 190 year-old Pontrhydfen Aqueduct in South Wales.

Known locally as  Bont Fawr - the big bridge - D-Drill had to drill over 500 holes, 50mm diameter to a depth of 2.5m to allow contractor Goldhawk to insert steel dowels to help strengthen the structure.

“We were drilling into Brecon Blue Stone which made it a tougher job, but our experienced team were well equipped to make sure they got it done and the client was extremely happy with the work,” said D-Drill team leader Alun Burnell.

“It wasn’t about to fall down, or anything like that, but the work was undertaken to help preserve Bont Fawr for generations to come. It’s no longer used as an aqueduct, but it is a historic monument for the area and, in the shadow of where our work was taking place, is the former home of the famous actor Richard Burton. So it was a great project to work on and, as a company, we are very proud to have worked on a piece of history.”


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