D-Drill assists in X-ray installation

Published 2/3, 2017 at 14:03

In Wales the UK concrete cutting specialist D-Drill has assisted in the installation of new X-ray equipment at the Royal Gwent Hospital, in Newport. Working as the specialist subcontractor to Davlan Construction, D-Drill had to form a trench in a floor slab as part of the project.

D-Drill created the 6.3m long trench to enable a reinforced concrete ground beam to be put in place for the X-ray equipment as well as form a 2.3m long channel for the electrical tray. They used stitch drilling and completed the work in just two days, ensuring minimal disruption for the hospital.

“We were delighted to help install the new X-ray equipment for the patients of the Royal Gwent Hospital,” said D-Drill representative Gary Robinson. “We would normally have used a wall saw, however we decided to use stitch drilling as there was no 3 phase mains electrical supply and we only had a temporary power supply of 240/110v. This proved the best option for the hospital, as there was no vibration from the drilling, which kept the noise to a minimum.

“We used two Weka DK32 diamond drills, two 5kVA transformers and a wet vacuum to clear up the slurry when drilling. We stitch drilled the outer edge of the 6.3m trench and then stitched this into smaller blocks for removal from the working area. We also formed a channel into the floor screed for the electrical tray using the same method. We were very happy with how the job went and the client was also pleased.”


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