D-Drill beats the tides

Published 16/5, 2017 at 15:52

The UK concrete cutting and drilling specialist D-Drill worked between the tides to successfully drill holes in a concrete plinth for a breakwater on Saundersfoot beach, near Tenby, Wales.

D-Drill Bridgend branch representatives Gary Robinson and Mathew John, were called in by Evan Pritchard Contractors to drill five 325mm diameter holes 600mm deep into a reinforced concrete plinth within the sand where, over the years of rough seas, old steel posts had rusted and become unsafe. They were working against the clock and had just a few hours to complete the job while the tide was out.  

“Evan Pritchard Contractors cut the old posts flush with the concrete for us to drill fresh holes as close as possible to the old steel posts as the timbers, which were also being replaced, ensuring that they remained approximately the same distance apart,” said Robinson. “We used a hydraulic motor, hydraulic pack, petrol generator and bolted down the rig to the concrete slab using a Hilti te60 drill.  We then drilled to the required depth and removed the core ready for the placement of the new post, which was being set by Evan Pritchard with a rapid setting concrete. This was done for each of the five holes we drilled.” 

“This was the first time we have done a drilling job on a beach.  We arrived on site at 7.45am and began drilling as soon as the tide was past the concrete slab we were working on. We left the site at about 6pm. We were very happy with how the job went and Evan Pritchard Contractors, who were working on behalf of the local council, were also pleased with our work.  We devised a system in which we drilled the holes as the contractor placed the concrete posts in behind us, which worked very well and we managed to complete the job before the tide came back in.”



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