D-Drill goes to college

Published 10/7, 2017 at 12:52

In the UK a utilities company using an excavator and breaker to remove a large concrete block was making too much noise outside Imperial College, London and called in concrete sawing and drilling specialist D-Drill to help out.

The 8.5m x 1.3m x 1m redundant crane base was in the way of a new pipeline and needed to be removed, but the first choice of excavator fitted with a breaker was too loud and causing vibration in the college library.  

“The heavy excavator was making too much noise and we had to find a way to remove the concrete without causing a disturbance,” said D-Drill London branch manager Jimmy Smith. “Using our automatic feed diamond drilling rigs, our operatives stitch drilled the perimeter of the trench to a depth of 1m. We then diamond drilled 200mm diameter holes to accommodate our 200mm hydraulic bursting head at two holes per 750mm spacing along the length of the trench. That allowed us to burst the concrete out with the spoils removed by a 3t machine supplied by the site.”

This allowed the students in the library to concentrate on their work and the main contractor was also delighted with the result.

“The work was completed within time and budget, but most of all without any noise or vibration to interrupt the college library or the students’ normal day,” said Smith. “The operators were very careful with the stitch drilling and kept the trench straight and plumb and the client was very happy with our work.”


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