D-Drill goes to waste

Published 18/12, 2017 at 14:05

The UK diamond drilling and sawing contractor D-Drill has successfully used a remotely controlled Brokk 180 demolition robot to safely remove a potentially toxic substance from a manufacturing plant in Northumberland.

D-Drill, was called in by main contractor, Harpers Environmental to Egger’s compact resin site in Hexham. The company was required to remove 300t of paraformaldehyde waste, a potential carcinogen, from a 9m high, 10m diameter tank.

D-Drill branch manager Alan Davison lowered the Brokk 180 into the tank to break-up the waste. It took 30 shifts to remove it onto a conveyor belt in 1t tubs for safe disposal. 

“Harpers couldn’t send in their own staff to break up the paraformaldehyde waste because of the potential risk of hand arm vibration. They knew that we had the skills, the equipment and experience in removing this kind of material safely so they called us in to undertake this crucial job,” said Davison.

“The fact that we could deploy the Brokk 180 meant that we could carry out the demolition by remote control, but it was still vital to wear a protective face mask and correct PPE with the operator out of the contaminated area. We were delighted to carry out this crucial task on behalf of Harpers and to get the work done on time, on budget and, crucially, in a safe manner, with no risk to any operator.”



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