Dehaco launches a new line of compactors

Published 8/10, 2015 at 10:37

Netherlands-based supplier Dehaco has added a new range of Hyrax compactors to its product line.

The compactors boast a slew of improvements on the existing models. Fitted with a dual load transducer without reduction gears, they feature the in-house dual power system, which controls the rotation direction of the motors. Dual power refers to the two operation modes the Hyrax compactors can be set to using a lever on the pulling head. Each setting has a different effect on the compactor’s operation so it must be selected according to the job specifications. The compactor’s pulling head contains rubber elements to dampen vibrations to the crankcase. To prevent the crankcase detaching from the pulling head due to the wear of the rubber elements, the Hyrax compactors feature a so-called safety belt system, which ensures that the two parts can never come apart. Dehaco customers are now testing Hyrax compactors. 

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