Did Duratiq pass the test?

Published 16/11, 2017 at 14:49

The RPM Group, a US-based network of diamond polishing contractors, has put Duratiq to the test. Over a period of several months, the Duratiq grinder has been tested on multiple job sites against other grinding machines.

The results were stunning. Besides the much easier handling of the Duratiq, the increased productivity is assumed to equal labour cost savings of 10%.

The field test was addressing the HTC claims about the Duratiq machines and the new platform it’s built on. The overall claims for Duratiq are 54% increased productivity, 100% less dust residue on floor, 74% less vibrations and 1000h service intervals.

Two teams conducted the field tests, one team worked with the ordinary machines and methods that they were used to, while the other ran two new remotely controlled Duratiq RX8 machines. The aim was to clarify if there was a difference in performance between the two.


The results

After over 150 days the results showed the Duratiq machines performed above expectations in efficiency. According to RPM owner Dave Stratton switching their 52 machines to Duratiqs would save him labour up to 10% due to being able to cut more each day. Also the feedback from the crew included positive response on the ergonomic features like the easily handled weights. The HMI display did also make a big difference with its live information of performance, walk and grinding head speed.

“With the Duratiq platform you get some serious data, that’s where big efficiency comes from, a remotely controlled machine that gives you feedback, that you can take and use as the recipe that works for this cut, and confidently go through 5000m2 successfully,” said RPM president Tim Kennady.

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