Ditch Witch partners with Utilicor Technologies

Published 15/11, 2017 at 16:56

Ditch Witch has announced a partnership with Utilicor Technologies aiming to bring the benefits of advanced keyhole technology and reinstatement to contractors, municipalities and utilities globally.

“Our partnership with coring technology leader, Utilicor, gives our organization a strong point of entry into the coring market,” said Ditch Witch vice president of product strategy Randy Rupp. “The new MTC100 coring attachment will complement our portfolio of mini skid steers and vacuum excavation equipment for work under paved surfaces, and it gives cities and utilities a quick, money-saving advantage.”

“Utilicor is pleased to partner with Ditch Witch, allowing us to expand the reach of our coring and reinstatement technology through their dealer network,” said Utilicor Technologies president and chief executive Marshall Pollock. “Both of our companies have spent years developing customer confidence in our brands, and we’re fully committed to providing exceptional support and service to our customers. This agreement reaffirms that commitment.”

Coring techniques offer significant cost and time savings. Keyhole coring technologies are approximately 50% less costly than traditional excavation repairs and disposal removal. “It comes down to using smaller, more precise tools and a more localized approach,” said Rupp. “The result is less disruption and faster repair.”

In addition to the MTC100 coring attachment, Utilicor provides the market-leading reinstatement material Utilibond. Capable of supporting up to 22t in just 30min, this pavement-bonding compound, results in a permanent pavement repair that reduces public inconvenience, requires no additional paving materials and is field-proven to be effective for more than 10 years. 

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