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Published 2/3, 2017 at 14:38

As technology moves forward, core drilling is becoming a fine art. Modern core drilling rigs are sophisticated yet easy-to-use machines offering operators numerous options for best results, even in the harshest environments. Andrei Bushmarin reviews the latest additions in the core drilling segment.

Weka updates drill motors 

Germany-based drill motor manufacturer Weka has updated its DK42 and DK52 models with a host of new features. The latest DK42 E and DK52 E come complete with a keypad and LED display showing rotation direction, phase failure and load. If all three LEDs light up red, it means that full load is reached. If all three LEDs are flashing, the machine is overloaded by 50% and will switch off after approximately five seconds. An integrated electronic softstart function ensures smooth start of the three-phase motor.

New electronics prevent overloading and possible damage to the engine and gearbox. The direction of the spindle’s rotation can be changed by using a phase-reversing plug. Thanks to the new electronics, cable housing is no longer required, which makes operation easier.

Also new from Weka is the Laserpointer CP30, which allows the operator to centre the drill perfectly. The centre of the hole is indicated by a point or a cross line. The CP30 switches on automatically when it is screwed onto the drill spindle. The Laserpoint is particularly suitable for inclined and wall-to-wall drilling. Powered by three replaceable batteries, the CP30 is sealed and low maintenance.


Coring no longer messy with Hilti’s new solution

Hilti has introduced the DD-WMS 100 slurry recycling unit that ensures users’ autonomy and leaves jobsites clean. It is compatible with all Hilti DD tools and competitive brands. All the operator has to do is fill up the water tank and insert a filter bag. Water can be recycled up to seven times, which is an equivalent of 100litres of continuous water supply. The large wheels and ergonomic handlebar make it easy to move the DD-WMS 100 around on site.

Dust and slurry often lead to additional labour time spent on cleaning up, decreasing productivity. Hilti’s range of water collection accessories for core drilling systems helps users save time and money. Once the filter is full and suction power starts to decrease, the patented multi-layer filter bags need replacing.  Hilti’s water management system has three modes of operation: recycling, vacuum cleaning and water supply. Having already been premiered in France, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg and Portugal, the DD-WMS 100 will be introduced in German-speaking countries in May and the global launch completed by the end of the year.


World's first portable battery-powered rig from US Saws

North America-based US Saws has launched the world's first portable battery-powered core drill. Designed for drilling with up to 200mm diameter core bits, the rig utilizes a 36V Metabo grinder to work in conjunction with the US Saws Core-EZ system. This solution allows operators to drill one 152mm hole through 203mm rebar reinforced concrete on one battery charge.

A double reduction gearbox permits the grinder motor to operate at peak torque and run at optimum efficiency. The gearbox has a safety clutch to protect the operator and the core bit. The unique cantering guide post eliminates the need for additional holes to be drilled to mount the rig so patching is not needed.  The entire system breaks down without tools and fits into the rolling storage case. A slurry collection system is also available.


Multitask drilling system from Eibenstock

Eibenstock’s ETN 162/3 P drilling system can be used wet or dry, hand-held or stand-mounted. The 19A, 110V motor drills holes up to 162mm diameter in concrete, reinforced concrete, brick, block and stone. Electronic features include soft start, overheating and overcurrent cut-off, overload indication and constant speed. The motor includes a ground-fault circuit interrupter for operator safety during wet drilling applications. A safety slip clutch prevents jamming and allows hand-held operation. The 3-speed gearbox operates at a load speed of 0-510 / 0-1150 / 0-2500 revs/min. An integrated water swivel is built into the spindle for wet drilling.

For concrete dust extraction while dry drilling, the ETN 162/3 P can be connected to a vacuum with a standard hose connection. The vacuum port in the drill spindle, allows operators to capture dust from inside the core bit and maintain a clean work area. The drill also has a level indicator on the motor and handle. The ETN 162/3 hand-held core drill can be used in a rig-mounted mode. The stand measuring 995mm in length is adjustable to 45°. Optional accessories include cantering aid, portable water tank, water collection ring and core bits.


Tyrolit extends wet drilling range

Tyrolit-Hydrostress has launched the DRS162** system for wet drilling. Powered by a 2.5kW motor, the system accommodates up to 162mm diameter core bits allowing for a maximum drilling depth of 556mm. The drill motor and the stand complement each other and form a single unit. The pre-set speed and compact lightweight construction ensure easy handling. An integrated PRCD safety switch ensures maximum safety. Optional vacuum plate offers more flexibility in fixing the system.

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