Doppstadt launch Inventhor Type 9 shredder

Published 16/4, 2018 at 16:44

Doppstadt’s Inventhor Type 9 is a new high performance shredder that has been designed to set new benchmarks in quality and performance.

This has been achieved by bringing together innovative mechanical, control and regulation developments, combined with a new noise emission concept. These features have resulted in an environmentally friendly, cost effective one stop solution for the recycling sector. 

With a modular service friendly construction, and range of suspension variants, the new shredder is equally suited as a stationary fixture or in the service industry sector, with everything ranging from the drive to the housing, and the quick change tools, having been designed with an eye to future developments. This includes the use of a new ‘VarioDirect-drive’ which enables the shredder to handle even the toughest tasks without any loss of performance. Thus, from shut down to running at maximum power, the shredding roller is able to get to work immediately, even under a full load. 

The new shredder also embraces Doppstadt’s highest priorities - reducing exhaust and noise emissions. The Inventhor Type 9 meets the Euromot Stage IIIA and IV exhaust emission requirements, and will also meet Stage V, when updated; meaning that when in operation it produces very little noise. The shredder also features a new range of solutions when it comes to accessibility, with the shredding comb providing generous access to the shredding space. Additionally, the use of large new glass fibre doors makes daily maintenance tasks easier.


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