Dr. Schulze GmbH proudly announces DBS-1520-8H

Published 16/11, 2017 at 14:51

Dr. Schulze's brand new DBS-1520-8H is the largest gear driven ride-on grinding machine in the world and suitable for large-scale construction projects.

• As all other Dr. Schulze's multi-head grinders the DBS-1520-8H disclaims the conventional belt drive by completely sealed and oil-filled full gear transmission in aluminium casted and CNC processed housing, which is unique in the market. This ensures smoother running, higher load capacity as well as less noise emission and nearly no maintenance demand.

• Equipped with storage battery for easy loading and transportation.

• Two Siemens motors with total 30 kW power enable unachieved performance and make the grinding machine incredibly effective for larger projects.

• Integrated suction system with full automatic filter cleaning and total air flow of 2280 m³/hour  ensure completely dust free and non-interrupted floor processing with any kind of diamond tools.

• The grinding head with hydraulic lifting system for fast replacement of diamond tools and easier transportation.

• 24 or 48 diamond tools can be mounted on the 8 grinding heads of the machine.

• DBS-1520-8H can work with high-performance PCD-tools for coating removal, with metal bond tools for effective grinding and resin pads for all possible polishing operations.

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