Dr. Schulze present at Bauma

Published 22/6, 2016 at 15:52

The German manufacturer Dr. Schulze presented several new products at Bauma.
The focus of this year’s Bauma presentation was set on the flooring solutions under the headline of DRS-FLOOR. In the flooring sector Dr. Schulze had a vision to offer its customers the complete flooring solution from a single source.

The Dr. Schulte’s DRS-FLOOR project consist of:


•                    non-stop customer service seven days a week for all technical and commercial questions.                                                            DRS-FLOOR engineers provide suggestions for sequence of working steps, application of chemicals,                                            recommend optimum method for achieving the required floor quality, and provide estimation of                            project-costs.

•                    full range of chemicals for transformation of  normal concrete to the high-performance industrial floor.

•                    complete range of materials for repairing cracks, joints and all other surface defects.

•                    heavy-duty machines for all types of floor processing.

•                    diamond tools for any application.

•                    wide range of dust collectors and separators.


More information is available on the dedicated website www.drs-floor.com.

One of the company’s highlights was a running model of a planetary gearbox from a DBS-820-4H grinding machine. There is no one multi-head grinder in Dr. Schulze´s product line with conventional belt drive. The company said that none of their gearboxes on their machines sold in last four years has been opened for repair or maintenance. Besides the annual oil change, there is nothing else to do with these high-performance gearboxes.

Also on display was the first fully automatic ride-on laser controlled grinding machine DBS-820-4H A-LASER designed to achieve the floor flatness tolerances of ±2 mm on 10m. Using its integrated laser system the DBS-820-4H A-LASER finds automatically the areas on the floor above the predetermined level and grinds them by forward/backward motion sequence until the required tolerance has been reached.

Dr. Schulze also used Bauma to launch its range of shot blasting machines, consisting of DSBM-250 and DSBM-400 with working width of 250mm and 400mm respectively

The smaller DSBM-250 suits smaller projects with a performance of up to 100m²/h, the larger DSBM-400 is preferable for bigger projects and daily output of more than 1000m².  Both shot blasting machines consist of the blasting unit and suction plant with automatic filter cleaning system.

The Dr. Schulze range of the floor saws were reworked for the Bauma as well as two new models. The FS500 B-E is a modular floor saw which can be transformed within minutes from gasoline to electric drive.

The second FS800 LST electric floor saw with optional 7.5kW or 11kW engine and hydraulic system for blade lifting and lowering. The machine can be dismantled into three parts within minutes for easy transport.

Dr Schulze also showed the new chain saw DRS-KS400 and the prototype of the ring saw DRS-RS400. Both are based on the drive motor of the handsaw DRS-TS400 and can be operated at 230V single-phase 3.7kW or 400V three-phase 6.5kW. All three can be operated with the universal PowerBox DRS-FU6 U.

The range of diamond tools was extended by the new type of laser welded core drill bits Rapid Drill with segment height of 12mm for heavily reinforced concrete. Also the vacuum brazed wire DS-SBB-1 for cutting of steel and reinforced concrete has been update for dry cutting of concrete.

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