Dust Control with Dynaset high-pressure dust suppression at challenging demolition site

Published 18/12, 2017 at 16:44

Umacon is the contractor at challenging demolition site Telakkaranta in Helsinki, Finland. There are several National Board of Antiquities-listed buildings and companies at the demolition site, which cannot be exposed to moisture, dust or be damaged in any way.

Umacon’s challenge also includes dismantling the concrete pillars of the demolished buildings. Before the pillars can be accessed, the roof, vaults and wooden parts are demolished one piece at a time using a Doosan 340 long-reach boom excavator, which is equipped with a handler and pulveriser.

“People are working in the listed buildings that are attached to the buildings scheduled for demolition,” said Umacon foreman Arto Numminen. “There is also valuable real estate nearby. Therefore, demolition work must be fully controlled. We can’t produce any dust emissions and we have to be careful with the noise level.”

The restriction against exposing the listed buildings to moisture precludes the use of dust suppression cannons, which produce airflow, which makes dust particles to fly uncontrollably. The cannons’ high-volume water flow also creates a muddy worksite, creating potential safety hazards.

That is why the Dynaset HPW-DUST high-pressure dust suppression system is the perfect solution for dust control. The system produces targeted atomized water mist for dust suppression. The HPW-DUST high-pressure dust suppression system converts the hydraulic power of an excavator into a high-pressure water mist that prevents dust particles from spreading to the environment. Atomized water mist effectively binds the dust by increasing the weight of the dust particles and cause them fall to the ground. The worksite stays clean since the high-pressure water mist does not wet the demolition site. 

“I can target the water mist directly to the source of the dust,” said Numminen. “The system is easy to use and it binds the dust without causing muddiness.”

The system includes Dynaset HPW high-pressure water pump. The compact pump guarantees easy installation on an excavator. Umacon’s excavator has nozzles installed on the boom and on the pulveriser. High-pressure water is fed to the pulveriser’s nozzles through a line in OilQuick. “I can change the nozzles in a few minutes according to the needs of a worksite,” said Numminen. 

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